FPQ10: Rightsideup

This week Fandango provocatively asks…

“What is more important to you, doing the right thing or doing things right?”

This reminds me of the ancient philosophical question: does God love things because they are good (or right), or are they good simply because God loves them? If the former, then there’s something beyond God’s opinion that makes a thing good; and if the latter, then goodness is arbitrary.

What I’m saying is that, ideally, there should be no conflict between doing the right thing and doing things right. But, alas, life often is not ideal ~ have you also found this to be the case? 🙄

I try to live my life (now) in such a way to avoid this conflict. I’ve simplified things as much as possible. But stuff still comes up, as it will. Not talking about big things, such as should I continue to date a Nazi because he’s so handsome, or do the right thing and dump him, but should I forget about my obsession for keeping my CDs organized while I’m driving in the rain?

This just happened last night, and I forced myself to wait until I got home and parked. It was very difficult to balance the conflict between keeping things neat in my car (doing things right) and not causing an accident /hurting people /raising my ins rate (doing the right thing). You see?

So, I would say that doing the right thing wins, but only by say 51%, and I’m not above redefining terms to fit a situation if I want to. You’re not either. If you say you are, I’ll agree to get along, but secretly I’ll know you’re lying. 😛

9 responses to “FPQ10: Rightsideup

  1. Doing the right thing!!

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  2. They aren’t the same thing at all so it’s like comparing apples to cucumbers. And anyway, you can go for doing the right thing right and score 100%. 🙂


  3. Interesting question about God. Of course, as an atheist who denies God’s very existence, I am neither good because God loves me nor do I expect the love of something that doesn’t exist because I am good. And I am, by the way, very, very good! 😱

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