The Weekly Smile

Happy Monday! Idk about you, but I miss those 4-day weekends and 3-day workweeks. Wasn’t it just a working Monday a couple days ago? How can another one be here already?! Yet, there’s always a reason to smile, amirite? πŸ˜€

For quite some time now, I’ve been off and on feeding a few feral cats that meander into our parking lot. We’re not supposed to leave food out there, so I only put it down when I see them, on average twice a week. There are usually two or three pure black cats, but every so often a grey kitty and/or a splotchy white one stop by.

The last time I fed them was Christmas Eve. After we came back from viewing the lights, two black cats were waiting for me. Since then, no kitties! I’ve been so worried because on the Nextdoor app people are always complaining about coyotes eating up their cats (and dogs too). I know these kitties are pretty smart, having survived outside for years, but nothing’s as wily as a coyote (meep meep). Plus, there are a lot of speeding cars too.

However, this Saturday night when I came home late from my friend’s house, there was a black kitty chillin’ like a villain in the parking lot. This made me so happy! I gave him a big smile and said I’d been worried about him. I didn’t feed him though ~ I keep wondering if it’s a bad idea to encourage them to come to my complex which is so close to a busy intersection. Wherever else he goes to survive is likely a better place for him and his kitty friends too, even if I don’t get to see them. πŸ±πŸ’•

8 responses to “The Weekly Smile

  1. I can send you my two cats if you want. When I feed our garden birds I often get two cats waiting to be fed as well. Bizarrely they like bread crusts…

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  2. What a sweet heart you have. I’m positive those kitties love you.

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  3. It’s so hard to resist feeding the stray kitties. That’s how we got so many around here. I do like them though, and worry when one or another don’t show up like regular.

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  4. I’m glad the black kitty is still around. Hopefully the others are as well.


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