FPQ9: Struggle Bunny

This week Fandango asks two (2!) provocative questions, and we can answer one or both. Or none, if we’re party poopers. But I’ve always gone for extra credit points, so both it is!

“What are you struggling with the most right now?”

I’ve been trying to lose the five pounds I gained last year and it’s a struggle. I’m not used to dieting these days, plus the fact that I don’t eat that much to begin with, so it’s very difficult to cut back from my normal small meals. What would have been best is not to have gained in the first place. 🙄

Fandango sez:

Some of you might be uncomfortable answering such a personal and possibly intrusive question. And that’s why I’m going to pose an alternative question:

“As a blogger, do you enjoy ‘virtual relationships’? Do you consider them to be real?”

First, let me laugh at the idea that I would not answer a personal and possibly intrusive question… 😂😂😂

Second, yes and yes. I enjoyed virtual relationships long before I became a blogger, so blogging has nothing to do with it. The minute I discovered the internet and found a universe of weird funny punny writing type people who wanted to discuss topics other than baby food and carpet samples, I was into VRs. (Later, I found more interesting people in meatspace, but that took a while.)

I liken virtual people to the Velveteen Rabbit from the children’s book. They’re all real to me, as they exist in their own worlds and the internet gives us a way to connect. I imagine they view only certain aspects of me, not me as a whole complete bunny, and that’s okay. It’s not like people in meatspace get me all that well either ~ sometimes a lot less actually.

But here’s the weird thing: many times I prefer the virtual relationship. It’s more cerebral, it’s all in chosen words, and it’s easier to walk away from (if necessary). I like a relationship made of writings to savor and reread. I like creating my part of the relationship, thoughtfully, out of words, not awkwardly out of blurty speech and clumsy actions. And I like being able to delete it completely when I’m done.

And Fandango thought the first question was more personal!

16 responses to “FPQ9: Struggle Bunny

  1. Ahem… as a blogger, I think I’d die without “virtual relationships” because they’re my followers!

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  2. Loved both your answers. Great post! 👏👏👏

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  3. I agree the Velveteen Rabbit is kind of a profound story, and at first seems to give legitimacy to VR, except you have to remember he was also fuzzy, and probably nice to hold.

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  4. A fun post, Paula. I kind of agree with you on the virtual relationships. I too like the written sharing of ideas and support, and when the time comes, for whatever reason, they can smoothly come to a close. 🙂

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  5. Woo hoo. You went for the gold and answered both questions!

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  6. The Whippoorwills

    I like virtual relationships. I like you, Paula Light.

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  7. I, of course, am right there with you on virtual relationships.

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