The Lonely Unicorn

I colored this in October, but it was too pale. After I began working on the monkey page again, I got sidetracked and decided to brighten up this one. I think I made his teeth pink, oopsy… too much cotton candy!

Prompt is from Linda and goes the whole month. Join in!

17 responses to “The Lonely Unicorn

  1. The Whippoorwills


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  2. Got to love that rainbow hair!

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  3. OK so you’re just making it impossible to leave a pithy, acerbic comment. Rainbow hair, Unicorn, OMG the hooves are baby blue…

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  4. i like the color scheme ❀

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  5. It’s absolutely beautiful.

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  6. Very cool! All those little leaves to color in. What do you use and like best…colored pencils or markers?

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