Philosophical Musings [SOCS]

Sup peeps? It’s supposed to rain here today, which is good. We can always use rain in SoCal. Some friends are planning a local hike and I hope they won’t be disappointed if they get rained out. Either way, we’re still meeting for lunch, which is the important thing.

Bailing on a hike years ago cost me a friendship. There’s a bit of gossip for ya. No biggie, since I’m not naming names. Yep, I went on one hike, did okay, confirmed the next one, and then I bailed. I’m just not good with hiking. I have a bad back and migraines that get triggered by whatever. Chronic pain sufferers can probably understand why doing okay on one didn’t mean I felt confident to do another; it felt more like, hmm, good, let’s stop here. So, I changed my mind, nixed the outing, and got jettisoned from the person’s life. Hey, it happens.

Not gonna deny it hurt though. I’ve been tossed aside for other reasons from other relationships over the decades and I’ve found it’s best to accept the feelings of loss, sadness, anger, etc., rather than pretending I don’t care. Pretense haunts you later, is my philosophy.

I pretend a lot though, in daily interactions, to get along and not make a fuss. I’m a nice person, much nicer than I seem here. Most of the time. I can separate my feelings of perpetual outrage about politics and “how things are” from my need to just make it through the damn day. Sometimes this makes me feel like a fraud, but we can’t spend all day confronting everyone about everything. I think we all fake it somewhat, depending upon how much we have to deal with other people. That’s different from denying your feelings to yourself however.

Every so often I make a nice cup of tea and have a long chat with myself to make sure we’re in sync about where we stand on All The Things. I highly recommend it.

20 responses to “Philosophical Musings [SOCS]

  1. Great post. Having a chat with yourself is great. I find it solves lots of conflicts in mind.

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  2. Migelli Bin Origen

    I had migraines for about eight months when I was sixteen. It had some strange nervous effects during the onset stage that would last about two hours. Then the vomiting started. I would turn the lights off, put on Black Sabbath’s Master of Reality album and sleep for about eighteen hours. Ever considered CBD oil as a therapy? It’s a recent thing that’s coming into vogue for treating chronic pain and whole host of other ailments.

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  3. Excellent advice…and a great take on the prompt. I’ve tended to SEP it off to others when I’m not in a nice mood. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Saturday!

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  4. Excellent advice…and a great take on the prompt. I’ve tended to SEP it when I’m not in a nice mood. ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Saturday!

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  5. Five straight days of rain in the forecast here in NoCal. FIVE! I donโ€™t mind a day or two, but FIVE! Well, I donโ€™t drink tea, but I do chat with myself at times. Time for a nice, pleasant chat about a sunny subject, I guess.

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  6. I just saw your coloring in the column to the right and liked it at Twitter ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. I remember getting up early on a Sunday morning (normally I didn’t surface until midday) and freezing my ass off on the sidelines watching Man of the Moment playing football. Waste of quality bed time, he went back to his previous girlfriend.

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  8. A cuppa solves all ๐Ÿ˜Š.

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  9. Someone else that has tea-time with themselves! It is truly a great experience. I try to fit it in once a day when at all possible. It helps me ground myself and face the world.

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    • Itโ€™s important!

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      • Oh, and I so understand about chronic pain and losing friends. I have several conditions that cause pain and fatigue and I never know from one day to the next if I am going to be able to function let alone be extremely active. I realized after awhile I stopped getting invited to things (like weddings, parties, walks). It was a combination of saying “no” too often and then being “out of sight, out of mind. My new group of friends in my new town accept me as I am. If I turn up in the dog park with my walker, cane, or no assistance, they take it in stride.

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      • Itโ€™s important to have supportive peeps in our lives. Those who are critical can go take a hike. Literally!

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