One-Liner Wednesday

This quote illustrates my basic philosophy of “perfection is the enemy of the good.” We can do good if we don’t worry about being perfect, whether we’re talking about personal goals or global ones.

Sometimes I get the sads when I think about all the kitties I can’t save… how I’ll never be able to afford a big house so I can adopt lots of shelter cats and donate gobs of money to kitty charities. But I saved one kitty, and every day he gets plenty of food and a safe and warm(ish) place to live, which means everything to him, even if he doesn’t know, lol. 🐱

I try to keep the philosophy in mind to stay upbeat when things don’t go as perfectly as I would like.


Prompt from Linda

Quote from Goodreads

8 responses to “One-Liner Wednesday

  1. Migelli Bin Origen

    sounds stoic. ever read Marcus Aurelius or Seneca? The Apostle Paul said he’d learned whether abounding or in want, to live contented. There comes a time with the consumerism stops and we just sit happily with our stuff, or does that ever really happen?

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  2. Remind me not to let you pack my parachute.

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  3. I think it says in the Talmut: if you save one, you save the whole world! You are doing well. πŸ™‹πŸ€

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  4. Wonderful advice and philosophy.

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