Who even understands the algorithmic mystery of why some posts appear in the feed reader and others don’t? We’ve never solved the app gap either, for those of us who prefer phones to ‘puter reading. I make do by keeping a list of faves in the search tab, but I know I miss posts.

In the interest of lightening the burden on my poor reader, I’ve now done a second purge. This time I was quite merciless, if I do say so myself (I do). I’m now hopeful that my reader will deliver more of your freshly pressed posts to me in chronological order.

A gwamma can dream, no? ✨

If I’ve inadvertently sent a follower to the oubliette, my apologies. If your blog is in English and you’ve updated in the past 30 days without offensive content, then give me a nudge and I’ll fish you out. Or add you for the first time if I haven’t yet. Lotta ifs in this para…

What’s “offensive content,” you may ask? Great question! It’s whatever I decide it is, at that moment, arbitrarily. 😂

Another mystery… if anyone can figure out why my landline, which is plugged into the soccer ball, isn’t getting a dial tone, PLMK. Thx!

26 responses to “Housekeeping

  1. Hélène Vaillant

    is the cord clickling in to its sockets ok, on wall outlet and receiver outlet? Or did someone chew the cord???? Ring, ring, ring, dead land phone. Did it give up the ghost? Any hoo, happy new year Paula!

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  2. AH…the landline! Well that is often affected by weather, humidity etc etc. Or maybe it is only our landline that behaves like this. My husband, when he was a kid, got angry at his Mom for spending too much time talking on the phone and he went to the basement, got up on a step stool and CUT the phone line!!

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  3. Over drive, over burdened and over worked! That post holiday feeling.

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  4. One thing I know is that posts don’t show up in the reader at all if they have more than 15 combined categories and tags. The rest remains a mystery… I would love to use the app to browse new posts but at this moment I’m hopeless, I just do it on the PC :/

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  5. Nice, Paula….We all need a good purge every once in a while.

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  6. Oh, my, gosh, I was thinking the same thing. The following, reading and keeping up reading those blogs that I think I wanna remember to read is a mystery for sure. I put it all in a spreadsheet. The reader makes my head spin. You’ve made my to-read blog list when I remember to check my spreadsheet, and I’m thankful if you find your way to my blog when you remember, too! 😉

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  7. There were 8 winners to the Christmas Challenge – well done Paula 🙂

    You have won a full four set of Snifty Scented Pens – if you would like to have these posted to you, can you please email me at titling the email Unwrapped.


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  8. Reader stinks, IMHO. I’ve been using Feedly. I never miss anything that way!

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  9. I’m sorry, but I’m sick of algorithms. I could write much more about this, but it wouldn’t make any sense. All this stuff has gone beyond the “human scale.”

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  10. You mean there is an algorithm on WP too? ARGHHH. You know, my FB algorithm even causes me to miss posts from persons I have chosen “see first,” which is annoying. And recently, the first post I’ve seen show up in my feed in awhile from a person we were both friends with had TMI about dumping syndrome. Um. GROSS. This is why I don’t check FB much any longer. lol.

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