2018 Wrap Party

This was an interesting year.

I gave up both Facebook and dating sites early in the year. Spent 2017 depressed about both, ostensibly for different reasons but ultimately the same ~ I had devoted a huge amount of time to the pursuit of long-distance friendships and local relationships via both those venues and the end result was similar: meh.*

What’s that BS about how you get out what you put in? Yeah right.

Anyway, I decided to splurge on myself by reclaiming my time and emotional energy, and this was a great gift. I’ve been so much happier and more productive since. In April, I released a poetry book that I finally had time to finish… and yesterday I just released another one. I hope you’ll check them out: All She Wrote (April book) and Monochrome (December book).

In June, it was my absolute joy to welcome my new baby granddaughter to the world. She brings total love and sweetness to my life, and I’m thankful for all the wonderful family time I’ve had this year.

At some point during 2018, a WordPress prompt site closed up shop. Zillions of us who love to natter on about nothing had the big sads. A handful of bloggers stepped up and created their own prompts, which was very cool of them… but then a weird thing happened. Instead of popping over to the site, grabbing the prompt, and writing to our same audience, we began to actually interact with these new prompters and their followers. We started to play more writing games and follow each other and turn into a supportive creative community of awesome!

In October, I was lucky to be able to take a week off from work to help my daughter in NorCal. Also, I got to bond with her new puppy. Last week I had an amazing time with both my daughters, their hubbies, and the baby. Family rocks!

On Thanksgiving, I had a super fun time with friends at the LA Zoo, and yesterday we went up to Simi to visit the Reagan Library. I hope to visit more museums and local points of interest in 2019. Though I was into movies for a while, I find lately I’m feeling rather indifferent toward them.

I have tons of books to read! Not literally, since most are on my Kindle. And now it’s time to begin integrating the mess I wrote on Ghosted during NaNoWriMo with my main novel document. Oh fun. After that, I have to write “the ending,” by which I mean the last third of the book.

And to wrap up the wrap, for the past 7 years, I’m beyond lucky and grateful and thankful that I get to share my life with this amazing lil dude. ❀️🐱❀️

*I treasure my friendships that transcend FB. Not talking about you great folks.

26 responses to “2018 Wrap Party

  1. A great roundup post. Seems like you are content and happy. Stay blessed and happy new year to you.

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  2. great to read and thanks for sharing I was thinking, praying about giving up Facebook, My thing is I feel like I am talking to air. and my family and friends do not talk to me anyhow so no on to better things that time and energy … oh sorry to go on my friend this is supposed to be about you my dear new blogging friend πŸ™‚ great work you do. Happy safe creative Joyful new year always health wealthy and wise. blessings Peace

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  3. Hello there. I have nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. Good luck for the coming year. K.


  4. ditto
    and focus on the rebirth of going forward and I too will write a book. Small but will have graces and gifts for all. I do not have much energy anyway at this point and need to focus on therapy and poems. great nano. love the accomplishments you keep going. I did nano once. you are a great pick me upper.. thank you Blessings will abound you will see. you took that FB struggle and turned it around. great Joy for you and yours. blessings Peace

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  5. 2018 has been good to you! Congrats on the grandkid (once again)! Always lovely to see Gatsby! Happy New Year, Paula! Here’s counting on 2019 being even better!

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  6. It’s great to hear how managing your social networking time opened up so many new opportunities for you.

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  7. awww congrats on the new baby granddaughter; that is wonderful. If you read my posts; you’d realize I struggle with social media and facebook as well. I love connecting with people but they live so far away. I am also struggling about losing my seasonal job; I was hoping they’d keep me. Happy New Year and I hope 2019 is a blessed year

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  8. Wishing you a wonderful 2019!

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  9. Happy, New Year!!!! πŸ™‹πŸ€πŸ

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  10. I am sure 2019 will bring in much joy!

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