Clouds [flash 208]

“I see a big dragon flying in the sky,” Billy said. “And soon he’s gonna come down here and gobble someone up!”

The children laughed. “I see a sweet fluffy bunny,” Melissa said. “What do you see in the clouds, Jana?”

“I don’t know,” the little girl whispered. “A soft pillow? Like the ones we used to have at–”

The back door banged open, startling the children into silence. Miz Anderson stomped into the backyard and glared at them.

“You lazy brats!” she yelled. “I told you to clean the kitchen before the Thomases arrive. Maybe you can make a good impression for once and I can get you off my hands. Too many mouths to feed around here. Go!”

Edging past her to avoid a swat, the children rushed into the house to finish their chores. “She hasn’t fed us in two days,” Billy grumbled.

“Shhhh,” Melissa said, hugging Jana who had begun to cry. Prospective parents hated tears, they had been told. Clean faces! Happy smiles!

Miz Anderson stayed in the yard a minute longer and gazed at the clouds. They sure did look interesting today. Right then a big dragon swooped out of the sky and gobbled her up.

The End.


Sue Vincent’s Photo Prompt

24 responses to “Clouds [flash 208]

  1. Nice ending, very appropriate.

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  2. Migelli Bin Origen

    That’s personality projection, I would suppose. But also like a good piece of art, to appreciate that there are various interpretations of a given form or image or piece of work. 🙂 Thought provoking piece.

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  3. Loved the ending. She totally had it coming.

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  4. Hélène Vaillant

    Great story, I love the ending, gobble, gobble to the last drop

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  5. I love happy endings.

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  6. I’ve always liked dragons 😉

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  7. But of course, dragons are real!

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  10. Nice!


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