One-Liner Wednesday

This has always been my philosophy, even though I’ve pushed it aside at times when trying to navigate relationships, especially romances. But since I’ve given those up, I feel much freer to live my life on my own terms. I may appear to be “normal” and blend in with the crowd wherever I go, but the older I get the more of an oddball I am. For example, I just had four solid days off from my office job and spent quite a bit of that time at home (my preference), but I did not once turn on my TV.

“It’s not you, it’s me.” <– That’s what I say to the offerings on Prime and Netflix, plus to my own library of unwatched DVDs. Lots of good stuff in there, but I’d rather read and write. As I said, I’m an oddball. But I can’t make progress as a writer if I zone out in front of the TV like the rest of the world. And writing is simply a higher priority to me than watching another show, however enjoyable it may be.

Most nights, I don’t eat dinner. Omg! Yes, I know: I’m a freak. But I like to stay slim (and given my family history, I believe it’s important), and I have a slow metabolism from being older and not exercising much. I like to eat breakfast and lunch (not huge meals for either), and have only a small snack at night, such as a banana, with a cup of tea. Obviously I make exceptions for getting together with peeps for dinner (I skip lunch those days), but usually this is what I do. I find this way of eating to be extremely helpful in keeping me more alert during the day and getting better sleep at night too.

I’ve been so much more productive since finally flinging off the shackles of what I should do to “be normal” vs what works for me in terms of progress. You can see how none of this would be conducive to a dating type of relationship where a guy would want a real dinner every night and then need to snuggle with me in front of the tube. Been there, done that. Thank u, next!


One-Liner Wednesday

10 responses to “One-Liner Wednesday

  1. I used to watch TV and movies, but since I started taking writing seriously, I very rarely watch anything. You’re not alone! 🙂

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  2. No T.V. for me either , or if it is it’s just for the background noise. I should follow your example and have no dinner!

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  3. I spent the entire day watching Netflix, after not turning on my TV upstairs for at least 2 months. Today I needed Netflix to help my mood with my miserable cough and cold….Variety is the spice of life, sometimes we need a little bit of this, other times a little bit of that. 😉

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  4. I love your ability to be true to yourself!

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  5. This post sounds soooo much like me. You’d think we had a lot in common or something! 😌

    But you are far more disciplined about eating than I am. I finally perfected my homemade fudge technique, and can’t seem to stop eating it. 😱

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