Fluffy’s Interesting Christmas [flash 321]

Fluffy is a good boy. Yes, he is. He didn’t knock down the tree like Mittens did. Kitties are silly! And he didn’t eat the cookies the Food People left out all night on a plate. Of course as soon as they let Mittens out of the kitchen she pushed the plate on the floor and smashed it to bits. Kitties are bad!

Fluffy is a good boy. Everyone says so. He sits quietly while all the New People come into the house with packages. Some smell like food and this makes him happy. He woofs softly and wags his tail. People pet him. Mittens yowls from the kitchen. Kitties are noisy!

Fluffy is a good boy. But the front door is open and there is a squirrel and it’s so easy to run right out and Fluffy doesn’t know exactly how it happens but suddenly he is chasing the squirrel up a tree and next a mouse and a butterfly and now he’s far away from the Food House, oh dear. Fluffy wonders what he should do.

Fluffy is a good boy. He wags his tail at the New People who approach him, check his tags, and put an ouchie under his skin. The nice lady gives him a treat and this makes him happy. The nice man says, “All good. It’s transmitting.” The New People go away in their car. Fluffy woofs. He wishes he could have more treats.

Fluffy is a good boy. But he’s sad and hungry now. He misses the Food People and even that bad kitty Mittens. “There you are, Fluffy!” Yay, it’s the Food Man, jogging down the street with Fluffy’s leash. He snaps it on and they go home.

“Fluffy’s a good boy,” the Food Lady says to her coworkers from the Pod, “but he’s just a baby.” She gives Fluffy a yummy piece of ham from her plate and he is happy.


14 responses to “Fluffy’s Interesting Christmas [flash 321]

  1. Ham doesn’t move as fast as squirrels. 🙂 Good boy, Fluffy.

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  2. I loved this story.
    The protagonist is adorable as is his nemesis.
    But what kind of organisation is the Pod?
    And what kind of transmitting device was inserted in Fluffy ‘s neck?

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  3. A cute story with si-fi thrown in.

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  4. Awwwwwwww 😍😍😍😍

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  5. Hi
    I just nominated you for the Liebster Award
    Please check it out here.

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