30-Day Song Challenge: Sedaka

Day 18: a song from 1961. I’m going with the fun, upbeat “Calendar Girl” written and sung by Neil Sedaka.

I want you guys to understand how many “Calendar Girl” videos I started and rejected in order to find this most perfect one for you. Nothing, I repeat ~ nothing ~ is too much trouble for my peeps. Now, you have to click on it and watch, right?

Day 19: a song that makes me think about life. This would be another song written by Neil Sedaka (and Phil Cody) called “Solitaire.” I used to think it applied to one or more men I’ve known, but maybe it applies to me now. I’ve posted before that I prefer versions other than the Carpenters, and I haven’t changed my mind. Here’s my favorite version, sung by Sheryl Crow.

12 responses to “30-Day Song Challenge: Sedaka

  1. I’m *still* trying to figure out that dancing Coke bottle. Lol.

    What song was it that Neil made popular in the 70s. I can’t seem to think of it off the top of my head at nearly 5:00 am.

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  2. Lovely, I do like a bit of Neil Sedaka. I’m a big fan of the Carpenters too.

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  4. These are great! I love the Carpenters and Sheryl Crow! 😀

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  5. I like Sedaka’s music, especially his ballads.


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