The Queen Asks… [THWQ]

Today’s questions are:

1. Who is your favorite existentialist writer?

– Sartre

2. You find a mysterious package under your tree marked “from Your Fairy Godmother”…what’s in it?

– Glittery magic shawl

3. What is your favorite brunch menu?

– Nova Scotia lox, cream cheese, bagel

4. Who would you like to see in concert (living or dead)?

– Jimmy Buffett

5. Do you prefer literary fiction or commercial fiction?

– Commercial romances & mysteries

6. What is your favorite seasonal flavoring?

– Pumpkin pie spice

7. You need to make a gingerbread house, how do you decorate it?

– Lavishly with mountains of frosting and gumdrops

8. You have to dress as the opposite sex…what do you wear?

9. What is one piece of furniture that you can’t live without?

– Comfy sofa for kitty and me, for writing, sleeping, and TV-ing

10. If you can only have a non-standard pet (no dog, cat, fish, bird, etc.), what do you choose to have?

– Snake 🐍

11. What is your favorite aquatic lifeform?

– Dolphin 🐬

12. Are aliens real?

– There is probably other life out there.

13. What is your best anti-Trump slogan?

– Supercallousfragileracistsexistnazipotus

14. What is your best for-Trump slogan?

– He’s not Farrakhan.

15. If you could swap any two world leaders, who would you swap and why?

– Trump with Obrador (Prez of Mexico). Just because it would be funny.

16. You have a bun…what do you put on it?

11 responses to “The Queen Asks… [THWQ]

  1. Hilarious. And, I highly recommend seeing Jimmy Buffett. 😃👍🏻

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  2. The Haunted Wordsmith

    Great answers !

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  3. Funny! Thanks for the smiles. 😃

    Liked by 1 person

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