Song Lyric Sunday: Girls

I was just talking about “Bad Girls” a couple weeks ago with a friend of mine who forgot about this obscure spinoff from the Eagles. Yep, Don Felder put out his first solo album in 1983 titled Airborne and “Bad Girls” was on it. I remember the vid from my MTV days when I first moved to SoCal ~ I was so fascinated with MTV for months because we weren’t allowed to have it in Chicago as the mob was fighting over it.

Here’s the thing though ~ while the music is great and the video is cute, the lyrics to “Bad Girls” are terrible. So, I’m not poasting them. Here’s a link. I don’t feel like choosing another song, since I think Felder’s solo albums are interesting, given all the mega talent on them. I want to listen to all the tracks on both albums now, due to this prompt. Thanks, Helen! 😀 🎶

10 responses to “Song Lyric Sunday: Girls

  1. Can’t believe I’ve NEVER heard this before. LOL! Nice choice! (And yeah…those are less than stellar lyrics. LOL!) But if you watch the vid and just bop to the music, there’s an Eagles vibe. 😀

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  2. Is Cheech Marin in this video, as that guy sure looks a lot like him.

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  3. For 1983 that was a pretty risque video! I had to laugh at the hairstyles. I remember those. Ha ha. A fun song despite the terrible portrayal of women. 🙂

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  4. Good pick, and I agree, lousy lyrics.

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