Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hairy chests on men are attractive and I don’t understand this strange trend of male grooming to excess. I’m talking about straight men, and only hypothetically, since I no longer do the dating/romance thing at all. But I still have eyes. And I give the hairy eyeball to waxed men because why would you do that? It’s just weird and creepy. I’ve been with one of these men (TMI alert!) in the misty distant past and it felt weird and creepy too. Not saying I want a gorilla either eww ~ moderation is the key. I think moderation is the key to a lot of things and lately many of us have forgotten this aspect of the golden rule, which is why we end up in so many hairy situations. If we’d just take a step back, take a deep breath, and think… geez, I don’t have to be so extreme here, it doesn’t have to be my way or the highway, all or nothing, black or white, etc. Except for c00kies. Black and white c00kies are delicious.

13 responses to “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  1. I like a hairy chest, too. I think the waxing thing started as a way of showing off muscles (like in body building contests) but that means the guy also has to have muscles to show off. Vicious cycle, esp. for young men (it isn’t just girls feeling the pressure). Give me a regular guy with some hair visible when he wears the top shirt buttons unbuttoned. Yum! (Also, I need to shop for Oreos.)

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  2. I am with you on this. All things in moderation. Good post.

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  3. Always the rebel- I gotta say smooth is my flavor of choice, Unless, like you say the question is cookies…..

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  4. A couple years ago, when he who will not be named first became POTUS, I came up with a few fun protests.

    The first was to limit myself to typing only one word, Trump, in any posts or comments having to do with that twerp after realizing that any more than just the one word was probably an utterly pointless waste of breath. Because after several sincere debates, with several otherwise reasonable people, I *finally* realized that *everyone* was hopelessly divided when it came to him.

    Anywho, will that in mind, eventually I went a bit further and decided to start a national protest, to annoy Trump, by shaving off all of my hair — like a skinhead, but more like what Peter Gabriel did in the 1980s for Biko — until he either resigned, got impeached, or his awful term ran out.

    I began by shaving off all the hair on my hairy right arm, via a live-streaming FB Bickerfest video, asking others to do the same in my otherwise silent “non-extremist” protest. What better way to annoy Trump than to temporarily remove much of America’s beautiful women from his wandering eyes until he left office.

    Day by day, one body part at a time, one video demo at a time, I continued to try to recruit others to join me in chopping off all of their hair — especially women, because for women I figured it would be wayyy more noticable to walk around without any hair. Lol.

    Because only some women can get away with that shiny head look. Way more noticable, so therefore, in my non-extremist “mind,” far more effective as an anti-Trump protest.

    Suffice it to say that nobody was brave enough to be so utterly free of vanity, not even moi, because even non-vain $Zero moi couldn’t persuade myself to shave off my Italian eyebrows.

    Anyway, as with my face, apparently my body hair grows back so fast that, by the time I finished shaving one arm, the other one was already prickly and causing a rash. Screw that.

    No way was I gonna remain hairless while waiting for Trump to leave office. Particularly if nobody else was stupid enough to join me in my Great American Hair-Off campaign — AHO, for short.

    It’s one of the few vows I’ve ever broken.


    But it *was* fun for a couple of days.

    In a weird and creepy kind of way.


  5. I so agree. Hairless men is just weird. I like hair on the hands, arms, chest, legs, face…anywhere it is ‘supposed’ to grow. I like a full head of hair but, that isn’t necessary.

    Shaved men is WAY too close to little boys. ICK.

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  6. Black and white cookies ARE delicious. And men waxing their chests? Well, you do you and all but I just don’t get it. Seems like you’d end up looking a little like a Ken doll… 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  7. So agree, viva men being like men.

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