The Sentinel [280 char]

The earth rang

From the shores of Mayotte

To the peaks of Chile;

Waves rippled and buzzed,

Traversing the oceans,

Vibrating the plates–

We missed this call.

He didn’t though:

Lupine ears on alert,

Paws stilled in snow.

The moment passed;

He resumed his patrol,

On guard, alone.


Via Twittering Tales #113 and inspired by this article in National Geographic.

18 responses to “The Sentinel [280 char]

  1. Aewsome! Love it!

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  2. Hélène Vaillant

    Splendid poem Paula.

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  3. Wonderful Paula! Enjoyed this so much, lovely words and images!

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  4. What a wonderful tale…and timely too. Welcome to the challenge! I hope you’ll join us again. 😊

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