Cue Barry Manilow. I don’t trust feelings and here’s a nice quote from Goodreads for One-Liner Wednesday to sum up why:

In my otter poast today I said I wasn’t a fan of the feelings blurt. I don’t need the brutal truth about your feelings at all times… they’ll probably change anyway. Mine do, especially the most intense ones. Not all of them ~ I always love my children more than anything ~ but I often get angry and that passes. I know not to burst out at folks in the heat of rage. Also, I prefer not getting shot.

Back when I was on dating sites (barf), it had become trendy for men not merely to list “honesty” as one of their traits but to preface it with some adjective such as fierce or fearless or bold. 🙄🙄🙄 Yeah, that’s what I want, some tactless warrior to tell me when I look like crap.

But think about all the declarations of love and passion and forever everness that have been uttered by so many over the centuries only to fade away and die when one of them falls for someone new. Just transitory feelings, not to be trusted… give me some math. Numbers, data, facts. Those I like. Your feelings? Pffft. Clouds in a windy sky.

4 responses to “Feeeeeeeelings…

  1. I was 25 and suddenly realized my grandparents truly loved me. I was finally able to see it. I was finally weaned off looking for grand gestures, emphatic proclamations, yelling and screaming. (My early life was quite dysfunctional.) Being calmly and reliably nurtured daily, that’s love. Feelings are weather; love is climate.

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  2. Eh… I like clouds. But yeah, they don’t last. I always figured that if I was looking for someone on a dating site, he’d better be able to demonstrate some useful skills — being able to use automotive and plumbing tools is good. “Good with cooking utensils” works too.

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