Regarding Twitter

I’ve been thinking about Twitter lately. Unlike Facebook, which I deleted in March (along with Instagram and Messenger), Twitter isn’t a time sink for me. I don’t get heavily involved in threads, conversations, private chats, etc. on Twitter. It’s basically a big nothing burger. I was using it for poetry prompts, but lately I’m not finding them that inspirational, so I’ve been reading more politics there, which is a bore. I can find that anywhere. 🙄

Trying to engage with other “tweeps” has accomplished nothing. I’m too late to the game. I’m not politically witty enough to come up with killer tweets to go viral… and even if I had one, then what? Would that translate into book sales or death threats? Now there’s a interesting question. I’m not anonymous. 😱

Here’s the thing. I’ve lightly promoted my writing on Twitter… to no effect. My promo tweets immediately slid into the giant sea of writers all doing the same. Everyone on the planet has written a book! Yesterday I met a successful writer and she admitted that her success was due to a completely random interview (not even a good one) in a relatively obscure print magazine. She’d done the other traditionally hyped ways of book promotion to almost no sales until the interview.

It’s very discouraging ~ if you’re writing to make money, that is. I have to look at it as a labor of love: the poetry, my romance novels and short stories, and my current WIP, which is a suspense/romance with supernatural elements. Plus I have lots of writing in various stages of drafts to work on as the spirit moves me. I hope to get it all done before I die. 😀

But there’s no reason to delete Twitter. It doesn’t annoy me the way FB did with the fake friends. I know the tweeps aren’t my friends (99% of them anyway), and Twitter doesn’t suck up my time with stupid notifs. But I do think my once a day or so quick check for poetry prompts and such is coming to an end. There’s no point in pretending to stay engaged there when I know it’s not going to do a damn thing to help me market my next book.

I’ll just let my blog poasts flop over as they do, and that’s all my timeline will be filled with eventually. Probably tweeps will unfollow me, or not… if they don’t bother checking Twitter any longer either, which is what I suspect in many cases. 😂

30 responses to “Regarding Twitter

  1. Wow, just what I’ve been thinking! 🤔

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing, Paula. I was thinking to open a tweeter account. After reading your post I may not do it.

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  3. Leonard Nimoy retweeted me once. Bam. Followers surged. Interacting with the mega accounts can be surprisingly beneficial. If Lady Gaga retweets you? Whoa. Cha’ching.

    One of my gazillion twitter accounts was followed by dozens of major journalists who often retweeted my musings. Like everything else, it all depends on what you tweet. And when.

    I barely log in anymore tho. Too many other things to work on. Oy.

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    • Good for you. That has nothing to do with me and sales of BOOKS.


      • It could tho. Imagine yourself motivating someone like Stephen King to retweet your Paulaness. And then your main tweet (at the top, I forget what they call it) is linked to your latest Amazon offering with a good tease line. Or a link in your bio.

        Tho, another highly recommended promo thinger is faxing/emailing a press release to the editors of the gazillion publications out there looking for fresh meat.

        Newspapers. Magazines. Online blogs, etc.. Ulrich’s Periodical Directory. Goldmine of opportunities.

        And, of course, strategic publicity stunts.

        <— broken record

        But it's true.

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      • Yeah, if only I didn’t have a real job.

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  4. I use Twitter as a sort of news feed. I can follow or not, tweet or not. But I love that everything is public and easily accessible. Facebook is fixed, dependent on who you friend. Twitter is not. But for promotion? I think you already have to have a name.

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  5. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

    Neither. Perseverance.

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  6. I hate FB and love Twitter. There are a couple of ppl I write with on a regular basis and I found the November poetry project #frapalymo there. But I check more than once a day 😁. I just wondered if you are interested to do the Proust Questionnaire on my blog and add some advertising for your books? You can find out more about it here:
    Have a lovely evening 🐝

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  7. I find Twitter noisy…and I’m like you, not savvy enough to write a witty response to most of the stuff being posted…and yes, FB does suck up a lot of time that could be better spent writing or making jewelry. But its good for advertising the craft markets 🙂

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  8. I am totally different. Facebook, for me, is a huge time sink and it eats my inspiration to write and create. I think getting lots of little affirmations from friends about small things like an interesting status, cool link or photo saps the motivation to do bigger, more serious things that I actually am proud of.

    Instagram is a nice balance. I don’t feel particularly attached to it and it sends a couple of readers my way every now and again.

    I’m not a fan of twitter at all. It’s got all the addictiveness of Facebook for me, but also has a nasty side of people I strongly disagree with being there and engaging me or vice versa. It is truly unpleasant and doesn’t do anything for my readership.

    Of course I’m not selling anything so there’s no motivation there. I’m just happy to have people read and appreciate what I do. So I don’t look at any of them from a commercial standpoint. Maybe that will change in the future, though.

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    • I liked Instagram for the pics, but dumped it as part of the fb package. I get a taste of what you mean about twitter in the political threads, but since I don’t participate it doesn’t affect me.

      I think we agree the main thing is to simply enjoy writing & finding readers wherever because if you look at it as a source of income… way too frustrating!


  9. I still have both Twitter & FB, but the only thing I post on either is a link to my blog posts. I may spend a minute or two scrolling, but nothing interests me on them. Twitter used to be good…lots of friendly people and actual conversations back & forth. Not any more.

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    • Yeah. Idk what’s happened. There are these big box “influencers” with a million followers who tweet all day, same as fb & insta posters who are on all day churning out new content. I assume some have jobs? I don’t get the TIME factor, and you know they won’t be honest if asked. Either way, you can like their stuff & contribute too, but they might never notice you. They’re QUEENS! They might not even be tweeting all their own stuff.

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  10. I also have a link to Twitter with my blog. But that’s all I can manage.

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  11. I’m the same way. Facebook I walked away from years ago, but Twitter is kind of a “no harm, no foul” place for me. I tweet links to my blog posts and always get a few people who make it to the blog, so I guess there’s some value there. But mostly, I just like checking in for a few laughs.

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    • Nice that some ppl from twitter come over! I would love that. Yeah, I’ll keep it, but not think of it as a way to sell books. I don’t have time to hang there & try to come up with something gorgeously witty to get requoted by a celeb as my friend suggests above. 😀

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  12. I don’t tweet as I don’t have time and I just never got into it.

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