30-Day Song Challenge

I found this fun challenge at Wondering Belle‘s. As is my way, I already forgot to do a song yesterday, so I’m doing the first two now, and will probably forget again and lump other days together. Lumpy tunes! At least we’re not talking mashed potatoes, eh?

There are so many songs I like with colors in the title it’s soooo hard to choose one. I have two whole CDs of them, in fact, and a playlist of all blue-themed ones. Have I mentioned my OCD lately? 😂

Okay, here we go. This one makes me tear up every time…


And now numbers. Holy counting, Batman, don’t get an obsessive-compulsive person started about numbers. Are you kidding me? I could go on all day about this topic. No seriously. But luckily for you I have stuff to do. (Obviously I have a couple math-themed CDs too.)

I’m so frozen in indecision. Ack! Okay. I’m going with a super oldie you might not think about that much these days, but it truly has great lyrics. And this is a fab vid:


18 responses to “30-Day Song Challenge

  1. I love this one:

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  2. I’ve always loved this song.

    Green Grass

    I even had the 45.

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  3. This is indeed an interesting challenge. Thank you for visiting my site.

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  4. Awesome song choices!

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