Into the Dark [flash 99]

“Is he sure this is the right spot?” Z47 whispered.

Z13 gasped. “Do not question our leader!”

“Our ship is far away.” Z29 observed.

Their leader approached. “We have planned for this moment. Fifty soldiers. This precise location. Line up and prepare to detonate when I signal.”

They followed his orders. And indeed the land spasmed and the waves heaved as the ship sailed into the dark. Would the blast be strong enough to shift the plates and cause a 9.7 earthquake half a world away at the G20 Summit as their leader had calculated?

They would never know.


Prompt via the Carrot Ranch.

11 responses to “Into the Dark [flash 99]

  1. Did not know about the Alaska quake when I wrote this! Was inspired by the much smaller quake earlier in Argentina. 😱

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  2. This post is very topical now
    Because of the Alaska quake and the on going G20

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  3. Aha! So that’s why 45 is refusing to go!

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  4. this feels far too real…

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  5. Oh, wow — chills! Your flash captures the expendability of those employed to do the dirty detonations of life.

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