Mundane Monday: Cup

When I put the word “cup” into my google photos app, the search returned a lot of images. Because cupcakes! It was hard to choose a favorite for this prompt. But I have to go with Gatsby gazing at a cup of tea that has the word “cupcake” on it. He’s probably wondering if he can attack the teabag without getting his paw ๐Ÿพ too soaked.

14 responses to “Mundane Monday: Cup

  1. That pink goes nicely with Gatsby’s coloring.

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  2. Cats are so wonderful: I can make up an entire story about what the cat thinks about the cup/the tea/the morning! Thank you for joining in!

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  3. That is such a cute picture.


  4. Is it still Monday?

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  6. Yay! Cat pictures. This is my kind of challenge!

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