Good Exercise [flash 187]

Leanne put her picnic basket on the backseat and then settled herself into the front. As she buckled her seatbelt, she said, “Thanks for the invite, Marcie. It’s such a perfect summer day.”

“After the snow storms that kept us inside all last winter and spring, I thought we should do something outdoors.” Marcie turned on the radio to a soft jazz station.

“What’s Edwin up to today?” Leanne asked.

Marcie stomped on the gas. “He said he wants to leave me, Leanne. Just walk out on all we built together.”

“Oh no!” Leanne touched her arm. “Maybe it’s just cabin fever. All that dismal cold. I’m sure he’ll soon remember his love for you and the strings that bind.”

Marcie shook her head. “I’ve already lost him. But I had the last laugh. I always do. I have a surprise in the trunk. Did you see the shovels in the back?”

“Shovels?” Leanne repeated.

“After we have our picnic, we’re going to get some exercise in the fresh air!” Marcie gripped the steering wheel tightly as she zoomed down the road. “It’ll be good for us!”


Photo prompt via The Haunted Wordsmith.

12 responses to “Good Exercise [flash 187]

  1. Leanne, are you a good enough friend to help bury the body?

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  2. The final revenge!

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  3. The Haunted Wordsmith

    Okay, all I see are the Dixie Chicks singing Goodbye, Earl

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  4. I am almost losing the will to live with Rory’s “Guess The Blogger”…and I am finally starting to think it is yourself Paula???
    Lady D shared with me her perspective and I think perhaps you are the closest match – but Rory has gone quiet on me.
    Maybe he is editing another post!


  5. Oh, excellent. A sort of Thelma and Louise but with a dead body! I’m looking forward to part two. 🙂

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