Sunday Song Lyrics: First

Sorry, got distracted. Found some songs for the prompt, but they didn’t excite me. Then got involved in my NaNo ~ still within range! Then was chatting with a friend. And finally I remembered oopsy didn’t do the Sunday tune, duh. Thought about some otter songs… and found one I lurve. Why didn’t I think of this one first? Mystery?

Monday Morning

Monday morning you sure look fine
Friday I got travelin’ on my mind
First you love me and then you fade away
I can’t go on believin’ this way
I got nothing but love for you
Tell me what you really want to do
First you love me, then you get on down the line
But I don’t mind, I don’t mind, yeah

I’ll be there if you want me to
No one else that could ever do
Got to get some peace in my mind

Lyrics were written by Lindsey Buckingham for Fleetwood Mac for their eponymous album released in 1975.

10 responses to “Sunday Song Lyrics: First

  1. That was perfect for a Sunday. 🙂

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  2. Excellent song, excellent choice!

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  3. Great choice and song!!!

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  4. Very nice final answer to the prompt. Gotta love some Fleetwood Mac…..

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  5. Good song, and I don’t remember hearing it before.

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