The Challenge!

Idk if any of my fellow bloggers have been following this challenge in the past, but I used to do it on Facebook. Here is a link to the post where you can get an idea of what’s going on, as well as further links to official rules and forms. Basically, the idea is to try to avoid hearing “The Little Drummer Boy” in any form, including ads and parodies, even for a second, between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

What’s funny to me is that I actually like this song! It’s one of my fave Christmas tunes (some of the others… ick), but a game is a game, and so I play.

So far so good. Since I plan to stay out of malls, that will help a lot. But I need to remember not to mindlessly scroll through radio stations however. Yikes! 😮

9 responses to “The Challenge!

  1. Yah, I do it every year. I have won twice, although one year it was annoying because a “friend” thought he would help me by playing TLDB for me so I could get over it. I thought I had lost … was super mad! Then someone pointed out that it doesn’t count if someone deliberately plays it for you to try to get you to lose. So I was still good and made it to Christmas Day.

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  2. Nonono. The song to avoid is Wham’s “Last Christmas” which I will happily do. I love “Little Drummer Boy”.

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  3. Sheesh. That’s the only Christmas song I can tolerate. But I haven’t heard it yet this season.

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