Premonition? [SOCS]

Or coincidence?

I’ve always had issues with
digesting certain fats, particularly nuts/seeds and whole fat dairy. I don’t seem to have a problem with filet mignon, lol. The first time this became noticeable was fairly dramatic ~ when I decided to eat “healthier” at age 17 and for an entire weekend nommed up veggies and sunflower seeds, after which I got such a stomachache my mother thought I had appendicitis. No, just a case of the dumbs.

Other times… got sick from eating a delicious pasta dish that had lots of pine nuts in it, got sick from nomming up a friend’s high-fat spinach-mayo-sour cream dip at a party, got sick from eating cheese on an empty stomach, etc. Obviously over time I learned to be very careful about eating cheese and dips, nuts and seeds. Peanut butter is okay, but even so only in small amounts.

However. In April of 2007, I became violently ill out of the blue one morning. I hadn’t even eaten anything outrageous the day before. My stomach just hurt so badly I couldn’t stand up. I didn’t go to work for two days, stayed in bed sipping ginger ale, thinking I was dying. For whatever reason, I didn’t go to the doc. It was a little better Saturday–I remember driving a car full of girls up to Santa Barbara to check out the university. I couldn’t eat lunch though. By Monday, I felt well enough to go to work, though my stomach, ribs, and upper back were sore like someone had punched me.

I mentioned this episode to my doc when I saw her in the summer and she said it sounded like a gall bladder event and I should come in immediately next time it happened. I expected it to happen again and was scared cuz it was so painful. It hasn’t occurred again though. (Crossing fingers.)

What did happen is that my mother began feeling ill with mysterious back pain they were unable to diagnose properly and finally in December of 2007 they found her pancreatic cancer when it was too late.

21 responses to “Premonition? [SOCS]

  1. Oh! Must’ve been uncomfortable. Nuts and dairy give lots of people trouble.

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  2. When you were describing your symptoms the first thing I thought was gallbladder, because that happened to me and was. But for your mom to have that happen right after your symptoms is a bit freaky. I’m so sorry! ❤

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  3. I’m sorry that they found your mom’s cancer too late.

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  4. I have that sort of ESP connection with my mother, even across 5000 miles.

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  5. So sorry about your mom. 😢
    My husband has severe allergies to nuts, beans, Canola Oil, Rapeseed Oil and Vegetable oil. makes eating out a n nightmare because near every establishment cooks with Canola oil. They have even started adding it to Olive Oil, if you can believe that. I know he would empathize with you.

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  6. Pain from a bad gall bladder is awful. Same happened to me, and had it removed in emergency surgery a few years ago.
    So sorry about your mother. ❤

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  7. Sorry to hear about your mom. I’m sure if you find yourself with symptoms again, you’ll be thinking of her. Can be scary stuff

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  8. You felt her, no doubt in my mind.

    I know you still miss your mom, and that hurts. I’m sorry.

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  9. So sorry about your mom. 💛


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