Poof! [flash 93]

The madman didn’t pause because tonight was the night. Everything he had planned would come to fruition before the sun rose. Yes, he knew he was moonstruck with the power he had stolen, but the ultimate goal was now within reach and there was nothing to stop him. He reached for the device to broadcast one last final lie to the population that remained in thrall to his every word.

However, from a tiny shed on the edge of the world, the teenaged hacker began the program to stop him.


7 responses to “Poof! [flash 93]

  1. Speaking about hacking, my credit card got hacked and it was being used to create four different Netflix accounts. Now I have to get a new credit card issued right before the holidays. Ugh.

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  2. Why are hacker/heroes always teenagers? Why can’t the hacker/hero be an older guy? Like, off the top of my head, a retired police lieutenant, for example.

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  3. 😂😂 Your bitmoji was the icing on this cake

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