Mugging It Up

Mugs. I like mugs, OKAYYYY? Mugs are great, and not just for the obvious like tea or coffee, though I am drinking coffee out of one at the mo. It may sound like lunacy, but I like having soup and cereal in a mug (not together, derp) ~ much neater than a bowl. I also like ice cream in a mug, especially if it’s trysting with Bailey’s. Mmmbailey’s.

I like unique mugs, such as the ones pictured above. Two are from my daughter: the giraffe in the back and the Chicago one from a HS trip (it has a grammatical error though, lol). The one that says “Fran” my mom bought on a vacay to New Mexico. The silly zoo one I filled with pens and whatnot was also my mom’s. I bought the pink cupcake mug on a trip to the Huntington Gardens in San Marino. I also have a few boring but serviceable mugs that came with my set of dishes from Target.

Note that we’re not talking about dainty lil teacups you set out with fancy cookies for when the duchesses come to visit. Pffft. We’re talking mugs, people.

You might think that 10 mugs is enough for a person who lives alone like a hermit, but I don’t. I asked for more for Christmas (Chanukah really, but I wanted to use the prompt).

So, there you have it. Mugs! 😜🤪🙃

7 responses to “Mugging It Up

  1. I used to have quite a collection of mugs, and when visiting friends, we were always allocated our own (and likewise when they came to us). Happy days and memories.

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  2. Mugs are the unsung heroes of culinary tools. I agree with every purpose you assigned them. For coffee, there’s a fine balance necessary. The mug must be large enough to hold an amount suitable for wake-ability, yet not so large that the coffee cools before you finish it. And, of course, it must be heavy enough to retain the heat in the first place. Naturally, all those requirements apply equally, but oppositely, for ice cream and cereal.

    And the handle should never get too hot to hold. Cold is fine. It should also have a bit of friction to it, so as to avoid having the cup slip from level, as ice cream can be heavy, especially if you cram it in like you should.

    It’s a really complicated thing.

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  3. Mugs are fun these days with all the cute sayings on them. Good for lots of things besides coffee. I tend to use the same one every day though…my alien one from Roswell NM 🙂

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  4. For my only sister, a brand new mug is precious than pair of earrings or necklace. She owns a big collection and loves all of them very much and she hardly allows anyone else to use them, including me 🙂

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