Simmer [99 words]

I use everything in my writing, like a depression era cook. Nothing goes to waste. While juicy bits might be served immediately, scraps and fat are not tossed out, but flung into the pot on a slow simmer. Bones and beaks will be cycled back in somedaywait and see. Feathers float around the stove whispering poems as I stir the plot. Little feet line up on the windowsill awaiting their turn as I sweep broken shells into a corner. Oh, I haven’t forgotten what you’ve done. You’re just lucky my weapon is a pen and not a gun.


Prompt via the Carrot Ranch

10 responses to “Simmer [99 words]

  1. That was worth reading more than once. Rich in details, reads like poetry. The ending punches because it reveals the exact opposite of everything before it.
    You packed a lot into a little, Paula! Well done!

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    • Yay, great memory! I did recycle this. 😀 When I saw the prompt I knew I had something and could be lazy and go grab it. The problem was, my piece was exactly 100 words and so perfect already. So, I removed a “just.” I think it was better with it. But I wanted to do the prompt.

      Thank you! ❤


  2. It was good from the beginning. Then! Then those final two lines! Great!

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  3. Great metaphor – always keep any leftovers.

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  4. Fun flash and a great punchy line at the end.

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