Playing with Time

Writing in wordbursts for NaNo has already helped to clarify something in my current story. At first, I thought I’d go back and forth chronologically. I begin with a phone call alerting the protag to her brother’s death. Then I go back 20 years to when her brother introduced her to her soulmate. Then up I go for the funeral. Then back to loverboy. Up, back. I assumed I’d continue this format to the end even though it’s unwieldy.

But noooo! It’s confusing. And possibly annoying to the reader. I had an epiphany today. When I go back the first time, I’m gonna stay back and finish the whole love connection dealio, then pop up to the present where everything gets tangled into a ginormous ghostball.

As I said, I’ve no desire to edit. I conquered that danger by poasting my writing in a secret blargh. No editing. Nope. All good. (Biting edity fingers.)

11 responses to “Playing with Time

  1. I’m glad you decided to stay back and move forward once you popped back that first time. Personally I find books (or even movies or TV shows that snap back and forth between the present and the past (and sometimes the future) to be annoying.

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  2. The trouble is that in movies, some kind of device can be used to clarify for the audience where the story is–like how sequences from the past sometimes have a golden, desaturated look, or may be the writers give a main character some attribute (like a beard) in only one time-frame. I think that’s harder to do in a novel. I think it might be one of those things that just doesn’t translate from cinema to literature–at least without being a little cumbersome.
    Think of my plot line with the “alternate reality generator.” Easy, you think, if you imagine a TV show or a movie, but in a novel, the potential to be super confusing.

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  3. Thanks. Mention me in the forward.

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  4. Mine’s purely NaNo related: I note you’ve got three times the words that I do. However, I fully intend to finish, even accounting for how desperately behind I am. Not sure why, but this means, that you should finish at least three times before I do…(you’re doing good, is what I’m going for here…)

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  5. I like your version of Dali…

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