Quick NaNo Update

Funny how I set my target for 25K and am actually on pace for the 50K! But I don’t expect this to continue. Partly because I have a few social events coming up. Yes, I know, ewwww, but I occasionally DO THINGS. With people! And they are fun, dammit.

I have made a brilliant discovery: writing in blog poasts. No really, let me explain. Part of my problem with writing is my OCD. I start (or continue) a story and after a few sentences have to stop and reread everything to check for consistency. Names and dates and cities and AllTheThings. And then I start obsessing about the names: are they all two syllables, all start with letters at the beginning of the alphabet, all have ens in them? Must change all the names!!!

You can see why it takes me a long time to finish a novel. It’s really a miracle I ever have done so. NaNo allegedly forbids editing, but I tend not to follow rules like that.

However! When I write a 400-1000 word blog poast and hit publish, somehow I am able to psychologically move on to the next one sans looking back. Dunno why. I KNOW there are inconsistencies in my poasts so far that I will have to fix later when I mash them together in my Word doc. But for now I’m doing okay.

Also, I’ve set up this book to have clever chapter titles and I was having a problem coming up with some ~ now this is no longer an issue. My poasts have “creative” titles like Funeral, Funeral 2, and January 1996. Lolz

Okay, this wasn’t so quick. Just call me Sean.

7 responses to “Quick NaNo Update

  1. Brill! Truly. I’m going to snag this idea for my guy who struggles to write income earning articles who also suffers from needing to edit as he goes.

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  2. Interesting strategy for helping take the pressure off, thank you.

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  3. I’ve had the same thought when I realized that my writing voice in blogs was, I thought, better than when trying to write-write. I still don’t understand it–it’s almost as if actually writing-writing, like a novel, gives me a sort of psychological stage fright. Well, that’s kind of what you said. I agree, then!

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  4. I get bogged down no matter what. It’s only the 6th and already I’m three days behind.

    This example notwithstanding, i think I write better in comments than anywhere else.

    Ok, work now.

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