Page 62, Line 6

Idea via The Haunted Wordsmith: pick up a book, turn to page 62, copy line 6, and use that to inspire a poast. Naturally I am being naughty and copying more because it’s so interesting…

But they’re not an accident. In 2004, psychologist John Jones and his colleagues examined fifteen thousand public marriage records from Walker County, Georgia, and Liberty County, Florida. They found that, indeed, people more often get married to others with the same first letter of their first name than would be expected by chance.

This is from a book I’ve had in my desk for a long time: Incognito by David Eagleman. I keep meaning to finish it. Look at this cool thing above! A treasure for an OCDer like me.

The theory is that people like people who remind them of themselves (“implicit egotism”). There are more examples given besides the names, though of course I am suspicious of these Southern marriages. Why no studies of cold-climate spouses? How about Chicago or Minneapolis? I’m kidding. Of course people like people who are like themselves. If I want to play board games, I’m going to look for a kibbitz of nerds, not a slope of skiers. Sometimes they’re the same people, but mostly not.

I’ve dated a couple guys whose names started with P and that’s worked out as well as every other letter. Maybe I should start using a different alphabet. Any recs?

2 responses to “Page 62, Line 6

  1. I looked up P in Cyrillic. It looks like a pi symbol. But in keeping with the spirit of the post parameters, (p. 62, line 6) how about dating someone whose first name’s second letter is the same as your middle name’s third letter? Just thinkin’ out loud.
    Man, my comments are good. I think they’re better than Don’s.


  2. I will say this is particularly juicy. From Caesar and Christ -Will Durant p.62, line 6:
    “…from the sacred oak tree of the grove, attacked and slew the king.”
    My head is spinning.


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