The Writing Vibe

The idea of community support is a mixed bag for me. I think of myself as a loner, a true introvert, and this is more and more true the older I get. When I was younger, my introversion was tempered by a desire to meet a romantic partner, so I did go out and about and talk to new people. 😝 But now I don’t haz to.

On the otter hand, I have a blog! And I’m active on Twitter. I email and text with peeps. I enjoy nurturing these friendships, and not just at a distance ~ a few times per month I like to get together with friends/family and hang out. So, I’m not a complete hermit crab then. But… more than a few times per month of hanging out makes me anxious and irritable. Must recharge alone again.

And then there’s NaNoWriMo. People have asked me (and it’s a reasonable question): if you can start writing on November 1 and get a bunch of words down, sometimes a whole novel’s worth in a month, why can’t you simply decide to do that at any point?

Ummmm. I don’t know. 🤪

I could decide to do that. I have. But… nothing works as well as NaNo. Nothing jumpstarts me like the “magic” of knowing all these other writers around the world are gonna be writing their butts off all month too. It’s a massive planetary creative vibe zinging around the atmosphere, man.

Hope that clears things up.

5 responses to “The Writing Vibe

  1. Yes! I know people pooh-pooh the idea of nano, but I have always loved it for the incentive to just get words down and make a novel happen, good or bad …usually the latter. Good luck!

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  2. Another reason is that the writer support you need is more easily available during NaNo. Introverts aren’t anti-social. We just need less of the social than extroverts do.

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  3. OK, I finally decided — I’m in. We’re 5 days into NaNo and I’ve just put up a thousand words (as of the 4th). This means I only have to put up about 1900 per day from now on out to make the cut. Walk in the park, yes? I’m going to so hate myself for doing this by the time we’re done…In fact, I’m already a little annoyed at myself…

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  4. Yes, community support can be very powerful. I likely wouldn’t do yoga if not for the community of like-minded people who go to class. It takes a village.

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