Dragons in Disguise [flash 158]

The mischief-maker chuckled. This particular escapade he called “the carrot and the shtick” — a treat, a trick, a prize, and then an avalanche of troubles.

“Bwahahaha!” His shoulders shook with mirth. How he loved playing these gory games on unsuspecting victims who fell for it every time. They were always so trusting!

He knew he was supposed to help these poor people, not consider them his opponents, but he was weak, and that wasn’t his fault. He blamed his father, who had hardly paid any attention to him and let him play video games all day and night. Now, each new call for assistance was a chance to slay another dragon in disguise!

There came a knock, and another mischief-maker stood in the doorway with an identical shine in her eyes.

“Hey, friend, ready for lunch?”

The two naughty cohorts sauntered off, chattering and giggling about their morning’s work, as they passed by their departmental sign:


8 responses to “Dragons in Disguise [flash 158]

  1. You are right trouble makers enjoy ruining other people’s lives in any way possible. We should be vigilant all the time.

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  2. Oh snap! I love it!

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  3. hahaha good one! πŸ™‚


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