QOTD: Top Pet Peeve

Found here (via Sparks).

I try to follow poasting rules, I really do, but to me pet peeves are like potato chips: you can’t pick just one! Maybe I can limit the list to my top 5. We shall see.

1. Rude, aggressive, honking drivers. This includes tailgaters, idiots who must zoom around you only to exit, jerks who honk at you to turn right on red when it isn’t safe, etc.

2. People who wear too much perfume. 🤮

3. Disgusting selfish pigs who litter, and in particular the numpties who throw trash on the ground when the bins are right there. This, I do not understand at all and it infuriates me. 🤬

4. Any computer program or website that loads the least bit slowly just to drive me out of my freaking mind!

5. People who are going to compare items 4 and 1. Gahhh! I hate that!

10 responses to “QOTD: Top Pet Peeve

  1. How about motorcyclists who zip along between lanes in slow traffic? I’m convinced they’re the same people who post complaints about how car drivers should be more aware of and courteous to motorcyclists. They must die!

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  2. I’m with you most but the agressive drivers! Argh! And the texters!!

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  3. The perfume thing. I interpret it as women who want to own the entire room, somehow, but I’ve always wondered if they do or do not actually realize how much perfume they’re wafting.

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  4. You’ve inadvertently reminded me of a HUGE peeve of mine..that perfume/cologne thing. ‘Cos men are just as apt to be guilty as women … especially young men who buy into that whole “Axe” thing…and the patchouli people who are in a class all by themselves as offensive. I got behind some old guy at the market the other day and he must have bathed in patchouli. I was gagging all the way home and even the check out person was a bit green around the gills. With perfume less IS more..

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  5. One that just occurred, that I was all ready to post because MAD! but then later reflected and figured “oh, kinda minor”:

    Cafeteria has a double-sided cashier line. People are supposed to alternate the sides and the cashier works one, then the other.

    There were three dudes to her right, and one to her left. I got in line on her left. Some other guy got in line to her right, which was dumb because he became #4 over there.

    She finished #1 on her right and turned to #1 on her left when suddenly the two dudes behind the guy on the right, who had been yabbering, up and walked away!!!

    They were just taking up space in the cashier line, and weren’t even waiting to be checked out!

    That made #4 guy now the very next guy to be served EVEN THOUGH HE HAD COME AFTER ME!!!

    I had a huge mad for at least a few minutes.

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