Agnostic vs Atheist [a bit ranty]

Back to the obsession with labels! I tried googling the difference between the two, beyond the strict dictionary definition, and received many confusing and contradictory results. Maybe we don’t need to precisely know what the difference is between an agnostic and an atheist, but instead shrug and let people call themselves what they wish. Today I’m identifying as a tiger 🐯 ~ are we all cool with this? Rawr!

I have believed for a long time that the mania to label others is mostly for negative purposes anyway. We rush to tag with a label so we can mock, box, and dismiss. That way, we don’t have to bother doing the more difficult work of actually getting to know someone as a whole person with many facets. I’m an atheist, or maybe I’m an agnostic, possibly an agnostic atheist.

Is it possible for humans to know if God exists? I tend to think it is not. That makes me agnostic. But I also acknowledge that I don’t believe in the supernatural a priori, which makes me an atheist. I dismiss every instance of someone’s account of “direct personal experience” of it and think there is, instead, a logical explanation, such as lying or hallucination or schizophrenia or other illness. I also admit the possibility that I could be wrong. But I’m not going to argue either way because I’m fine with people believing in goofy things. I believe in goofy things too, just different ones. I occasionally think my mom’s spirit is with me, which is wacky and possibly an indication of mental illness, especially since if you asked me do I believe in spirits or souls I would say NO.

Who cares, right? I used to be vegetarian for a while, then was pescatarian, but now I eat meat too, though not a lot. I never eat sushi anymore though or veal. Do these things matter to you as far as wanting to follow my blog or be my friend? I follow atheists and believers… and many who haven’t said (or I haven’t noticed). It just doesn’t matter to me. I’m totally cool with various points of view ~ makes life much more interesting.

But somehow, whether or not I believe in a supernatural being is very important to some people! Especially when I was on dating sites. Well, you knew I was going to mention that. Even to older people, who are done with the issue of having children together, this religion thingie is a big freaking deal. If someone does want to go to church every Sunday, then why aren’t they looking for dates in church groups? Anyway. As I’ve mentioned several times, older daters are a horrendously picky group, insisting on a shopping list of items in another human as if they were choosing a TV off Amazon. It’s absurd. And it’s why the same people are still single, including me. Hah!

I suppose I could believe in the old system of a bunch of random petty gods who do some good stuff, when they feel like it, and some bad shit, when they’re in a jealous or nasty mood. That would make more sense to me than this one, capital G, God who’s supposed to be perfect but lets a bunch of little kids get cancer, starve to death, or die in a tsunami. Plus HE invented parasitic w*rms. Really? Whyyy? Just for fun? Whatever. I know the faithful are okay with all of it. 🙄

I have more religious rantery saved, no worries. Happily, this one dovetailed with a prompt word today. Doves! Rainbows! Yay!

14 responses to “Agnostic vs Atheist [a bit ranty]

  1. The Haunted Wordsmith

    Labels are weird and creepy. Athiests though do not believe in ANY higher power, while Agnostics do (whether it is God, a giant purple eye ball, etc.). I made the mistake of reading our local newspaper this morning, where someone was calling on people to go pray because if they did, they would find that the only way to save the republic is to vote Republican next month. Yeah…no. Just no. I live in a very conservative and very “Christian” town (mainly a bunch of people screwing each other over unless they get something out of it or its Sunday).

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    • Ugh. I remember reading a headline about some “witches” putting a hex on Kavanaugh and people were taking that shit seriously.

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      • The Haunted Wordsmith

        You will be able to find at least one person that takes anything seriously. What makes me cringe are how easily people are led into showing their ignorance (like the woman who said NASA only shows what NASA wants us to know, and that Trump will tell us what’s REALLY out there). I am very glad I don’t have TV…I would never have lasted the past year with any ounce of sanity.

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  2. I am an atheist because I am sure that God does not exists. Agnostics don’t know if God exists or don’t believe there’s enough evidence to prove or disprove God’s existence. But I really don’t care if others know that God exists, don’t know whether or not God exists, or like me, know that God does not exist. With 7 billion people on this planet, there is room for all of us to believe whatever the hell we want to believe as long as our beliefs don’t infringe on those of others.

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  3. I am definitely on the “non-believer” scale, but I’m not militant. I don’t understand militant atheism as much as I don’t understand militant believers. Why the need for such forcefulness? Believe things you wish to believe and leave the rest of us alone, ya know? I’m whatever my cat is, but less hairy.

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  4. There’s a great saying about religion in Japan, expressing the existential view that it should serve a purpose as opposed to dictating it… in this case according to the best ceremonies. “Born Shinto, married Christian, died Buddhist.”

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  5. This year’s science was yesterday’s magic, is all I know. I do not disavow the possibility of a something we just haven’t found yet that may account for whatever it is people presently refer to as “god.”

    Making me agnostic. And who was that guy who said it’s better to believe and be proved wrong than disbelieve and be proved wrong? Because when you die, if there actually was some old beardy waiting to greet you, if you bad-mouthed him, well, you’re fucked. lol.

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  6. My understanding is that agnostic was a made up word because atheist was too harsh. This is about whether or not God exists. There are those who believe He really does and nonbelievers who believe He really doesn’t. I think there are a vast number of people of people who don’t know why they don’t believe. As a nonbeliever, I believe that God does not exist because the supernatural does not exist. The supernatural realm is a mental construct! GROG

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    • Thanks for commenting! All words are made up. 😀 I think there’s plenty of room for a grey area between people who absolutely believe in a supernatural being who continually meddles in human affairs and no such thing whatsoever. There’s also the idea of an afterlife, or not… reincarnation, ghosts, etc. So much! And there are those who believe we can’t know because of how our brains and modes of perception are structured.

      I tend to disbelieve as you do, but that’s not fun for poetic writing.

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      • It is the savior that frees us from the delusion of being so special and the reason for creation. We humans are special,because we are here, now, but for a short time. Once upon a time we were born, the end is always too soon GROG

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