10 Influential Movies

The Haunted Wordsmith asks us to name 10 movies that influenced us. That’s a hard question ~ I’d be able to more easily choose books. But I’m up for the challenge!

1. When Harry Met Sally. I love this movie. There are so many fabulous quotes from it (and I’m not usually a person who goes around quoting from movies). Harry is hilarious! However I don’t feel the romance between Harry and Sally is ideal at all ~ I dislike him as a romantic hero for most of the film, plus they break up, etc. He’s a jerk, let’s be honest, even though he improves, unlike yer average dude. But the romance between their sidekicks (Marie and Jess) is the one to aim for ~ love at first sight, no turning back, boom.πŸ’₯

2. Risky Business. It’s sort of a stretch, but I saw this movie alone in Chicago during a time I had a crush on a guy in my computer class. After I watched it, and received the “sometimes you have to say what the fuck” message, I acted more assertively toward the guy. Of course, the ensuing drama was to my detriment and I ended up moving to California not going to Princeton. πŸ™„

3. Mystery flick. Saw this with my mommy around 1970 in the theater. It was some kind of sci-fi disaster story about people who had survived an apocalyptic event and were stranded out on a rocky ledge of land. Or they might have been prehistoric peeps. Either way, they believed blond hair was evil and they had to cover it with black goo to avert more catastrophe. Then there was a giant tsunami anyway. This made me scared of water and that has informed my writing. Anyone know the name of this movie? 🌊

4. Candyman. Impossibly scary. Omg 🐝! And it turns out I am allergic to bees and wasps. Was hospitalized for shock after a sting. Gahhh!

5. Analyze This! Hilarious flick which set me up to love The Sopranos. Before AT, the only mob movie I liked was Goodfellas, but now I pretty much enjoy them all. πŸ˜€

6. Doctor Zhivago. Life sucks and then you die, even if you’re rich. So, if you have a choice, don’t live somewhere hideously cold like Siberia or Chicago. ❄️

7. The Devil Wears Prada. πŸ‘  You’re not too good to work at a fashion mag even if you have a snooty journalism degree. That’s all.

8. Life of Pi. 🐯 It’s a great storytelling gift to narrate a tale inside a tale such that the audience forgets that’s what is happening, and the narrator could be unreliable. At the end, we are asked to do a bit of work and figure out what to believe; we are never told. This interests me greatly and I have tried to write in a similar style at times.

9. Alex & Emma. You can overcome writer’s block when there are mafia enforcers after you and your publisher refuses to pay until you produce. Good to know! πŸ˜‚

10. You’ve Got Mail. πŸ’Œ I learned that in fiction you can meet your soulmate, lie about your identity, deceive your current partner… and the happily ever after will still materialize. For a long time I thought this could translate to real life, so it did influence me because it seemed perfect and romantic not cheap and creepy like it actually is, but I finally realized that all this stuff is best left on the page or screen.

There are a zillion movies I love but would not include on this list because they haven’t influenced me. Musicals, forex, and most romantic comedies. Most dramas and mysteries, however enjoyable, haven’t done anything to change my POV. I chose the above films carefully, only listing those that actually have had a lasting effect on me in some way.

What are your 10?

PS: I just realized 3 of these movies were directed by Rob Reiner! I’ve been way too influenced by the meathead! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

11 responses to “10 Influential Movies

  1. The Haunted Wordsmith

    Some great ones in there πŸ˜€

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  2. I guess it’s too easy to list movies from when you were a little kid, since they usually played a big role in how you began to define the world. I was going to say Wizard of Oz, but I don’t think it really influenced me that much and the flying monkeys didn’t scare me. But along the same lines I had a huge crush on Haley Mills in the first production of The Parent Trap, (the British one–duh,) when I was in the 6th grade. It’s nuts. I still get a little wobbly when around blonde women with British accents.

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  3. Analyze This was great fun.

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  4. Two of the ten star Billy Crystal.

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  6. Life of Pi… very typically Japanese-style of character-driven storytelling with no clear ending… the classic is Akira Kurosawa’s, “Rashomon “. Also the only film on your list that I’ve seen.

    Hmmm… I might have to give this some thought.

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  7. These lists are interesting… I’ll tell you one of the most influential movies I ever saw – The Dark Knight with Christian Bale and the late, great Heath Ledger. It made me realise that the opposite of hope is terrorism. Really. Think about it…

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    • Yes. That was a fabulous movie. I vividly remember seeing it with friends and we were transfixed from the first moment and didn’t say one word to each other until it was over. That is unusual!


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