For the NGDGU File

It’s not an emergency but… just when I’ve gone out of my way to explicitly praise the WordPress app several times here and in comments to fellow bloggers, it’s quit working properly. I can still poast just fine, which is the most important thing, since peeps would surely have the big sads without their fix of meeee, but my reader is all screwed up.

Here’s the haps. I open it up and get a few dozen new poasts, like from the past hour. All good. Then it leaps to poasts from 12 hours ago with nothing in between! If I close out and return, I may get a few randoms from the missing hours, out of order, but… ughhh. Yesterday I didn’t get the prompt poasts, but luckily someone had a story with them all in it, so I saved that. Today I can only find the one I used in my first line. I’m missing Scott’s and Fandango’s and Sheryl’s and others.

DO NOT LIKE. Bad app is bad.

14 responses to “For the NGDGU File

  1. I know, my reader is acting weird too. My post didn’t appear in my reader and I see posts from the same people appearing but don’t see posts from others. Very strange. They are all in my e-mail though 🙂

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  2. I wonder if it’s being going on for a few weeks. I’m guessing most people access things from the WordPress reader

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    • Probably. I love the app because I can save posts to reply to later or for linkbacks instead of keeping all the tabs open. But I just caught up via the browser so all is well. I didn’t actually miss that much. 😀


  3. I don’t use the reader as I never figured out how it worked. I get all new notices by email. I do miss out on some though, because some bloggers you can only read from the reader. Unless I see someone else has responded to certain ones, then I can go to the one I want to read.

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  4. Softwares have been weird lately. FB did something similar, telling me at one point “Welcome to Facebook. Get started by adding friends.”

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  5. I use to look at all the prompts and then write a story to coincide with them, but now I write my story first and then check the prompts to see if I can use any of them.

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  6. Sounds like a normal day on FacePalm ‘Most Recent’ noosfeed

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