Shelter [flash 202]

“As you can see, there are many wonderful upgraded features in this gorgeous home!” Grace smiled and swept her arm through the air like the TV models she remembered watching on game shows.

She slowly pirouetted and walked toward the doorway of the smaller adjoining room. “And the owners painted the study a vibrant yellow to complement the lovely morning light. It’s the perfect place to have your coffee and read the newspaper.”

Grace’s voice ricocheted around the unfurnished area. There hadn’t been time to fix everything up properly. “But that’s not a problem,” she said to her clients. “We can easily imagine how fabulous this place will look with your own special touches!”

Her clients didn’t respond. In fact, one toppled off the chair. “Drat,” Grace said, and rearranged the dolls to her liking.

“Good morning, Grace,” her father said, tapping at her door. “Are you playing real estate agent again?”

“Yes, just like when Mommy took me with her.” Grace went silent and rearranged the dolls again.

Her father waited quietly.

“Are we leaving the bomb shelter today, Daddy?” Grace checked her calendar. “It’s been two years, ten months, and eighteen days.”

“Not today, honey.” He turned away. “Maybe tomorrow.”

11 responses to “Shelter [flash 202]

  1. I didn’t expect that ending. Kinda made me sad.

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  2. Oh, it’s a child!
    Oh, it’s a post-apocalypse thing!
    Well done, Paula!


  3. This was truly excellent Paula, great impact in a small space – brilliant 🙂

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  4. This is good—no, better than good. This is really, really good. I think it could be the beginning of a suspense novel. This sets the mood, then the reader is taken back in time to all the events that led to the family’s escape to the bomb shelter … and what they find when they finally feel safe enough to venture outside …

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