The Obsession with Sound [ranty rant]

I cop to being unusual, but I really do not understand the internet’s obsession with sound. Here we have the perfect medium for the written word and yet people relentlessly attempt to undermine that, day in and day out, with audio. Whyyy???

I mock all of you who can’t go five minutes without listening to music or babble. Hell, I teased my own children about this, not that it did any good. Apparently they were able to get great grades with their awful tunes blasting as they worked, idk how. BACK IN MY DAY, I studied in silence as the goddess intended.

It drives me bananas when I click on a link, believing I’m going to be reading a nice article, but instead a horrible video starts playing. ICK!!! Of course I have my phone on silent, but that’s not the point. The point is… why do so many of you prefer to be yapped at rather than read something at your leisure?

I almost did a lengthy music poll the otter day from a fellow blogger until I realized, meh, I don’t care enough about music to answer all these questions. I’ll tell you guys a secret too, since you’re my extra special blog readers: sometimes I don’t have any music 🎢 on in the car. I just drive along, accompanied only by MY OWN THOUGHTS. Pretty damn scary, eh? Well, I’m a tough old bird. Ask anyone.

Now before anyone misreads this and concludes I hate music ~ I don’t. I simply am not obsessed with it. I enjoy music some of the time. (Audio clips of news items pretty much never ever.) I have a minimal amount of trivia stored in my mind about some oldies, but not a lot and idc. This makes me a mediocre player at many of the music trivia games. Boo hoo. Last couple years I’ve been enjoying a little bit of country music (when it has amusing lyrics) and a little bit of classical (no lyrics). But again, I have no knowledge of these genres. There is nothing more irritating than mentioning I like something to a rabid fan, and then they dive into an enormous boring lecture on the thing. MUTE BUTTON PLZ!

Oh look, I segued into a secondary rant there. It happens. Actually rather a lot. πŸ˜‚

The takeaway? Silence is next to godliness, even for an atheist. Especially one who gets migraines.

24 responses to “The Obsession with Sound [ranty rant]

  1. The websites are the worst when you are trying to look for something and then all of a sudden a blaring ad pops up! I keep my computer and phone on mute so I don’t hear all that. It’s so annoying. It’s really nice to just be quiet sometimes.

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  2. I was just saying this morning my favorite button is the mute button at the grocery store self checkout. I only wish it were voice activated so I could yell “shut up” at it and the damn thing would go silent. All the noise noise noise noise, Grinchy style. And yes, sometimes I just wanna hear my own thoughts; I am excellent company.

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  3. I keep mine on mute all the time because I don’t like to be suddenly blasted with ads or music. If I want to listen, then I’ll turn on the sound, only then.

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  4. I must always have sound on. The funny thing is though is that I am actually not listening to the background noise, it is just there as white noise. I found that I could not study/retain information if I did so in silence. I have been binge watching shows on Netflix but here’s the thing, were you to ask me what they were about I could not tell you. I do understand though the need for silence. When I spent time out at the lake this summer, I actually did not turn on noise or need noise to relax and be okay. So I guess sometimes I (and I can do it) can live with silence. Sorry I am babbling. πŸ™‚

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  5. Oh, I hate those noisy popups. Especially on those days when light and noise really hurt. Funny thing is though, there’s times when I can identify with Jay-Lyn’s experience as well.

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  6. I must have the tunes in the car or I will be swearing every 27 seconds at the Massholes. Can’t swear if I’m singing, “I saw a werewolf with a Chinese menu in his hand.”

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  7. Music makes some tasks or concentration easier. It gives my restless right hemisphere something to do while my left hemisphere works. But it has to be MY choice! And my phone is always on mute. I suspect vids are so popular because people have devices with screens.

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  8. I always say I don’t like to listen to background music as it’s too distracting, but as I think about it, I am constantly running music through my head to fill gaps. It’s very annoying, made worse because it’s not coming from a real radio, so I can’t reach over and turn it off.
    I got satellite radio with my new car, but the novelty is starting to wear off, especially since even though there are no commercials, they still have the stupid DJs who babble stupid stuff between songs. ??? So, I turn it off for long stretches of drives and drive in silence like I used to. Hopefully by the time my free trial period runs out and they ask me to start paying them, I’ll be ready to just say no.

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    • Ooh I hate radio babble! The only exception is if it’s a clip from an actual comedian. DJs are neither comedians nor funny. JACKFM has the right idea ~ have a robot one-liner DJ cracking generic jokes and spinning tunes.

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  9. Yay, a rant. My favorite Paula poasts are the pomes and the rants.

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  10. I’m just like you about music. Plus some sounds are almost painful. Singers or instruments will be at a pitch that has me turning off the radio in a fit of irritation. Lately it’s gotten worse. I like silence. When I do want music, I prefer music without words. Especially this year. Too many songs are about love, which makes me cry. I’m not the kind of person who deliberately listens to sad songs when they’re sad.

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    • Sometimes I do, it depends. But not when I feel myself spiraling down into darkness. Then I need light. The sadness of country music amuses me. I’m sure that isn’t the intent, but some of the lyrics simply make me laugh!


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