Caps & Cobras

It’s been over 6 months since I deleted Facebook and that was a brilliant move, if I do say so myself. Not only did it free up scads of time for blogging (both reading and poasting), which is so much more enjoyable than scrolling through memes and trollery, but it also eliminated a huge bunch of negativity and annoyance from my day. I can read a quick burst of what people are saying about trending topics on twitter, and that’s enough to keep me in the culture loop.

But I need to make another big change, one I’ve been resisting, out of sheer laziness, much like I avoided dumping FB for far too long. And that habit is checking the “news.” I put this in quotes because most of what I’m seeing isn’t real news at all but garbage from bubbleheads. This is beyond what Alyssa fucking Milano has to say about anything, as if I give a shit, but supposed journalists who aren’t. All they do is recycle crap from other sites and try to manipulate our feelings. I know we all know this, but I’m finally doing something about it.

I want to see stuff like natural disasters, famous people’s deaths, election results, etc., reported clearly and dispassionately. I don’t want to be told something is tragic or devastating. I can figure that out myself. If I see a photo of a celeb or their spouse, I’ll decide what to think about their looks; I don’t need to have my opinion spoonfed to me like I’m a toddler in a high chair. Wtfff?

Today I changed my news preferences to see only science and health articles, info about cats and psychology, puzzles and math, etc., along with factual reports of current events from NPR. No more opinions of how I should be terrified of Trump or believe Kavanaugh isn’t an asshole or whatever. That shit isn’t news! Kellyanne’s yapping is not news. Kanye’s blather isn’t news. I don’t care what kind of stupid hat Melania wears while she flits around doing nothing. And holy fucking shit Taylor Swift has an opinion, so let’s all bow down. 🤮

I also dumped all the royals ~ I’ve been punished with nonstop “news” of them because I clicked on a few Markle stories back when. Now they’re all banned. What a bunch of bores. No, sorry, it’s not their fault the idiot press feels they must report on what little George has for lunch. And speaking of hats! The royals are bananas over hats. My god.

Anyway, I’ve been rewarded already! The first story that came up was about cannibal cobras. 🐍 You might think, well sure, if they’re really hungry… tastes like chicken, right? Wrong! They like to nom up other snakes. Because why? Because a snake is really easy for another snake to eat! Bet you never thought about that. Neither did I. We were too busy reading about dumb hats to think about interesting things, such as cobras’ dietary preferences.

I’m gonna have more cool shit like this here in the future. You can hang your hat on it. Or you can keep your hat on… 😘

10 responses to “Caps & Cobras

  1. I agree. I deactivated my FB acct months ago.

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  2. Who knew about snakes? Not I. I know I’ll never have one as a pet!

    News isn’t newsworthy any longer, even on tv. They announce new Facebook features, what the new iPhone features are and its price, and they tell you about new shows on the network, while people die in tsunamis, which get a 20 second mention. I get tired of the stupid segues from serious story to inane bullshit. Today’s treat was, “Oh, Taylor Swift has a political opinion!” Of course, then they have to share it, like I care what any rich, pampered person thinks of anything. Yeah, yeah, she’s supposedly nice and does nice things for people, so she might not be an asshole. But I still don’t care what her politics is.
    On SNL the other night, Pete Davidson said the same thing about What Kanye Did on SNL. He just wants to hear him sing. Waitafuckin minute. Didn’t someone get in trouble with the press/famous loudmouths for saying that some BB player should shut up and play? I guess it just depends on who is being shut up.

    I watch the news for the weather reports now. That’s it. Unless they bring back Edward R Murrow, I’m not buying it as news.

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    • Exactly! I care what my friends and family think, but a celebrity? Uh no. Play ball, sing, paint, act, whatever. Or just breathe, in the case of the Karjens. Why the hell do people care about their political opinions?



  3. I waste a lot of time on Facebook even though I’ve got my feed pared down. But I can’t leave. It’s how I connect with folks overseas who don’t use email. *sigh* Anyway, snakes eating other snakes (and birds eating other birds): Is it really cannibalism if it’s a species you can’t reproduce with?

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  4. I stay on because of my business page, but you RE right about the news. It’s gone, now we just get to hear opinions and bickering , and all those books they promote. Who cares they end of on the reduced rack within a week

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