A Return to Normalcy

I always say I like the routine of the workweek. I enjoy getting up early with a sense of purpose, knowing I can’t laze around too long because I have to get dressed and go to the office soon. I wouldn’t want to work at home in sweatpants, since I like having a reason to dress nicely and, most importantly, have a collection of shooze in various colors and styles. Not to mention boots! If I worked at home, I’d never wear adorable corduroy skirts with cute sweaters and boots. The horror.

Plus the workweek makes the weekends so much sweeter. You schedule fun plans (or no plans!) and look forward to seeing friends, going to cool events, watching movies, or just blissing out in peace when Saturday morning rolls around.

That said, for over a week last week I hibernated with my daughter up in NorCal and really really enjoyed it. I drove her car to the store twice, and we took short walks around the neighborhood. But other than that, and letting her doggie outside in the back, I stayed in, wore sweats, and pretty much did nothing but read books, blog, color, eat various carbs, snack on candy, etc. I also kept checking the online news too frequently, blech!

Point is, I quickly forgot how much I allegedly love the routine of getting out of the house and going to work in a cute outfit, and I immediately adapted to shlumping around like a retired brown bear. Didn’t realize how adaptable I am. What a nice trait to discover so late in life. (Pats self on back.) (Ow.)

But today I’m back to normal.

9 responses to “A Return to Normalcy

  1. Your second para pretty much sums up my entire week. Took me about 5-minutes to get used to it.

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  2. Welcome to my world! I do manage to get out of my schlubbies almost every day but Sunday, and I do on Sunday, but it’s much, much later in the day. 🙂

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    • I found THE most comfy sweatpants at Target for $20 with pockets, not too thick, the right length, and with a nice fat waistband, not one of those flimsy rolypoly ones. So dreamy. I could wear them forever!

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  3. I am all about comfort. Heading to Target now. 😀

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  4. I do miss getting dressed up for work, and all my cute ‘shooze’ are in hibernation, but I dont miss getting up early, or the traffic, or trying to figure out other people or what to have for lunch….just going to head downstairs now to look at my shoe babies.

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