The Cardigans [SOCS]

I have a lot ~ a lot ~ of cardigans. I have a bunch of white ones: white-white, off-white, cream, lightweight, coat style, etc. I have a very pretty lime green sweater with gold buttons and a gorgeous sky blue cardi. I have a cozy purple cardigan and also a lavender one. Oh, and a super snuggly tan sweater I just love. I also have a chocolate brown one that’s lighter weight, plus a grey one in that same style. With rare exception, my cardis have buttons that match the color of the fabric. I don’t like contrasting-color buttons. I also don’t like zippers on sweaters, though I do have one, in a colorful animal print. I also have an open front cozy cardi in traditional animal print colors. I don’t have red or orange cardis because I don’t need them; I did have a yellow one but decided I didn’t like it. It might be nice to have yellow again. Pink too, a medium pink. But what’s missing from this list? A cozy black cardi! Isn’t that weird?! I have black jackets and black pullover sweaters, but no black cardigans. I can’t find the right one. I want buttons and long sleeves, and it must be cozy. There’s no point in buying a flimsy black coverup ~ this is for actual warmth, not sitting at the pool bar. Why is it so hard to find what I want?

13 responses to “The Cardigans [SOCS]

  1. Great take on the card prompt! Come to think of it, I don’t have a black cardigan either – they are hard to find! Happy Saturday to you!

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  2. I love cardigans and sweaters and wear them all the time. Funny, I only have black ones. You seem to have one for every occasion! I keep looking for a brown one, but they are hard to find, too. Good subject for the prompt!

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  3. Oh, I love your take on the prompt. So far no one else thought about it. But I haven’t read all of the posts yet!

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  4. I have trimmed my cardigans to one or two — when I’m at home, I live in a fleece cardigan, and when out I Switch to black lightweight jackets..

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  5. Wonderful take on the prompt.

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