That ever was

Is still here

In one form

Or another;

Won’t keep us warm,

When winter comes,

But it’s something.

One of these texts

Will be our last,

Though we won’t know,

Till silent weeks

Have floated past.


Thanks to Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo photo prompt

19 responses to “Distance

  1. Beautiful picture and poem. I love the lines “Everything

    That ever was

    Is still here

    In one form

    Or another;”


  2. I really like this poem. I think this is my favorite of yours.

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  3. Thank you, Paula.
    A rather tragic poem on the surface, but there are indeed some things that never leave us…

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  4. Well, that certainly cheered me up.

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  5. Lovely! This poem really touched me. Love the imagery throughout! ❀

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  6. Beautiful poem and a superb picture πŸ™‚

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  7. I like the ambiguity of the ending-who is the we: the text sender or the text receiver? is it the last text because of decline or death? Or change in or death of a relationship? I love the imagery of β€œTil silent weeks/ Have floated past.”

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  9. So open-ended
    Continuity of everything and nothing is comforting somehow
    It’s a long game and run

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