Traffic Tirade

Everyone hates traffic, but I would venture to say that most people get upset with jams on the road because they haven’t given themselves enough time to get to their destination. Then they’re cranky and upset because they’re late. I always leave extra time because I know there is likely to be a nasty clog at some point, and the longer the trip the higher the odds. So, time isn’t my issue.

People are. The cranky, upset people who behave unpredictably terrify me. They’ll abruptly change lanes unsafely for no reason. They’ll start honking because they’re angry and must express it, even though that accomplishes nothing. If I need to change lanes to exit, I try to be polite, but occasionally am forced to be slightly aggressive, due to these idiots guarding “their” space like a lion stalking a gazelle, and I hate that. It makes my head pound. So stressful.

Tirade aside, I’ve been thinking about where I would live if I could do whatever I wanted, and surprisingly it wouldn’t be out in the sticks away from traffic and crowds. I don’t like feeling isolated from civilization and culture. What I did enjoy was living in Chicago and not owning a car. I was free from driving stresses and car expenses. I used their great public transportation system whenever I needed to, along with the occasional taxicab. I went wherever I pleased without one iota of concern re traffic and parking. That was fabulous!

That’s my ideal: another city with great art, restaurants, museums, etc. AND a reliable public transportation system, but also affordable and not ridonkulously cold or beastly hot. That rules out every major city, unfortunately. πŸ˜‚

13 responses to “Traffic Tirade

  1. πŸ‘πŸ»

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  2. I don’t own a car. Don’t need it for the day to day. I’m a 10 minute walk from work, groceries and buses. πŸ™‚ What drove me nuts here in Bergen, is that there’s only one road between A and B and if something happens, there’s no alternative route. Weirdly, that gave me claustrophobia and is one reason I don’t enjoy driving here. ☹ I had no troubles with rush hour in L.A. back when. Could always surface-street it. Yes, that’s a verb. 😁

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  3. Although my situation is not about traffic I know what you mean. At work the angry ‘I have an appt in 2 minutes’ feels they are jumped to head of line disregarding all those who ha e been waitong patiently.

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  4. Sadly we need a car for hospital appointments as we have 15 -35 miles to travel. Not eligible yet for free bus passes, even if we were, a bus journey over that kind of distance and time would have Hubby in agony.
    Now, we don’t have a telly……………………. !!!!

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  5. Nashville has everything you’re looking for except for adequate and reliable public transit and roads. We’ve been growing so fast for so long that the authorities can’t maintain our current roads much less begin expansions and improvements.

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  6. Nails the paradox. I live in a semi rural area, but in previous city-dwelling lives, not have to drive everywhere was a big plus.

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