I’m not a fan of the comeback, the do-over, the replay, the second chance. It’s a stale plot device for the same old romance. If it was fate, why didn’t it work the first time? If he’s so great, why’d he leave, or why did she? People don’t change: remember this. A kiss is just a kiss.

When I read a replay romance storyline on the jacket, the book goes back on the shelf. Exes are forced to work together to save the world. Or to solve a kidnapping. Yawn. No other agent will do, gotta be double-oh-you. Or a supermodel returns to her small town to care for her dying grandma, and look who’s now Sheriff… it’s the prom date she ditched, Brick McHardwick.

No thanks. I want someone new for our heroine, not a grimy old dude from the recycling bin.😝

7 responses to “Storylines

  1. Yeah, but with a name like Brick McHardwick . . . c’mon.

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  2. Yah, it’s unrealistic, IMO. Of course, *I* am the epitome of sense and logic and my experiences and thoughts and feelings are the definitive ones. Happily, they align with yours.

    You spend time with someone and you grow used to them and their habits. If you break up with them, the things about them that helped build the wall between you get magnified in your mind. If the break-up is one-sided (he broke up with you, f’rex), and you’re all broken hearted about it, you recover by distancing yourself emotionally from him (or you just moon about it for fucking ever and that’s obsessive and unhealthy!).

    Either way, if you get back together again, you now have to work to NOT see the flaws and faults in that person that irritate the crap out of you.

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    • I didn’t think of it that way, but yes, exactly! When you’re all in moony love you can more easily ignore those annoys, but during the breakup you amplify them in your mind and to your friends. “Did you know he always cut his toenails in the living room? Ewww!” When he returns, it’ll never be cute again, even if he just defused a nuclear bomb. Sorry James.


  3. History repeats on comebacks, old flames and astounding makeups. Romance flips and serenades hopes and possibilities. !-:

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  4. I don’t mind the ones where evil of some sort lies to them and divides them when their relationship is young.

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