A Radical Idea [rant!]

I’m not poasting a song for the Sunday lyrics challenge because the internet is entirely too messy and out of control, especially YouTube. It’s disgusting and disgraceful. If I were in charge, I’d burn the whole thing down and start over, making sure everything got filed away in its proper place. I know that’s a radical idea, but honestly there’s no other answer at this point. YouTube in particular is absolutely horrible, as I’ve noted previously. But even google searches are now cumbersome and inaccurate.

It’s difficult to look for song lyrics unless you know the exact line and can put it into quotes or if the song is relatively new. This didn’t use to be the case, but the internet is full of so much trash now and it’s not algorithmed correctly for sorting out. I shouldn’t get separate hits for the same answer ~ forex, if I search for hotel songs, all instances of Elvis Presley’s “Heartbreak Hotel” should be grouped under ONE subheading with further filtering available if I click that. Same with “Hotel California” by the Eagles. Etc. People shouldn’t be allowed to shovel every possible keyword into their coding so their sites come up in irrelevant searches. 😡

Anyway, my search for search (today’s prompt) led nowhere except to people asking how to search their history for songs they previously searched for. 🙄 I almost went with the Chi-Lites “Have You Seen Her,” even though they never say search, because it’s in the concept, and I was gonna discuss how that concept is meaningful to me, except I’d really have to disregard most of the lyrics to make that point, so pffft. Someone already took U2’s “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” which resonates strongly with many issues in my life, and I might have used it too, but when I read the lyrics, they struck me as religious and annoyed me.

Then inspiration hit. I’ll use “Looking For Love (in all the wrong places)!” That’s a good song and totally applies to me. But the videos sucked. I recently bought the DVD (for cheap) and rewatched Urban Cowboy, remembering it as a super sweet romance from way back. But it’s not! It’s awful. I did not want the Urban Cowboy vid here. (LFL is the theme song.) The other selections were terrible. I figured okay I bet someone has made a great parody of this song, so I’ll YouTube search for that instead. Nope. All garbage. Pervy aminals. Dopey karaoke. Cheech & Chong. Wtfff? I give up. 🤯

Burn it down, I say. Begin again.

20 responses to “A Radical Idea [rant!]

  1. I know what you mean. I spend more time searching for a video than anything, and sifting through so many of the same ones gets tiresome. Lots of just ho-hum videos, and then all the blurry ones. Ugh! Still, I like Helen’s challenge, so will keep on for awhile.

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  2. I wonder if this is Youtube’s way of forcing us onto their music-only offering.

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  3. Ahahha I hear ya!
    Internet is an ocean and if you go looking for something you will bump into random irrelevant information 90% of the times.

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  4. You Tube was behaving for me today. Sorry you had internet issues.

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  5. wow Paula that was quite a scorching burst!
    I wrote a poem about looking for love in all the wrong places
    … maybe I had you in mind,
    be careful of what you find 🙂

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  6. I am trying trying how I can youtube to come to my house and film me. I have tried emailing them and calling them but yet to hear an answer about a camera crew. How much does it cost for youtube to come to your house so you can make videos?

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  7. My husband will help you…and I’m completely serious

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  8. “I know I’m searching for something
    Something so undefined
    That it can only be seen
    By the eyes of the blind
    In the middle of the night”
    —Billy Joel

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  9. Wookin pa nub! (Buckwheat’s song on SNL!)

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