The Meeting [flash 245]

They called themselves “the Alliance” and met informally at the golden spiral. All meetings and discussions were verbal and electronically scrambled. Danger lurked in every corner now. Perhaps, eventually, one of the Alliance would betray them all.

The Last Hrtedyp trusted no one. How could she? The rest of her family had been destroyed by the Zvop, and a Zvop cousin belonged to the Alliance. Yet, the Hrtedyp was desperately eager for any scrap of information that might lead her to the nest of assassins. Who better to possess intel than one of them?

Orsh kicked off today’s meeting with a surprise announcement. “I have changed my mind,” he stated. “I think we should adopt the measures Zvopii put forth at our last meeting.”

Hrtedyp watched Zvopii’s face for a sign of sly satisfaction, which could signal a trap. But Zvopii simply nodded and said, “That will help us achieve a true peace more efficiently.”

Peace? What did a Zvop know of peace? They were a tribe of vipers. The Last Hrtedyp despaired of finding the intel she needed. “Maybe I should just go off and take a vacation in a cave by myself,” she muttered.

“‘What?” Orsh said. “I missed that. Are you with us on the plan, or what?”

“Sure, fine.” The Last Hrtedyp faked a smile and reached into her bag. “Does anyone want a gzalk? They’re gluten-free.”

“Ooh me!” Zvopii said. “Yummy!”

Orsh took a treat. “Thanks! We’ll destroy Earth after snacks.”


Thanks to MindLoveMisery for the picture story prompt. πŸ™‚

10 responses to “The Meeting [flash 245]

  1. Excellent combination of prompts!

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  2. At least we have an out if November doesn’t give us the desired results.

    Whaddya mean this is fiction???

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  3. Great take on the prompt Paula, thanks for sharing I did enjoy your tongue in cheek humour.

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  4. LOL gluten free gets everywhere. Great story!

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