Infatuation’s a mazy guest.
He arrives in a flash of froth;
Sparkling butterflies keep him aloft,
Every day is a fervid fest.
Except after a month or three,
He provokes a touch of anxiety–
Will he ever settle his swirling mind,
Or just keep me guessing all the time?
Every day feels improvised
I ask questions and he swims on by,
Like a slippery fish with a charming smile.
I chase, he ghosts, in air or sea…
I’m exhausted, can’t eat or sleep;
I’ve had enough!
Begone, at once, and take your stuff.

Oh, now I see how this nonsense works:
He’s left his unpaid bills, the jerk!

4 responses to “Crushed

  1. Loved it… Your words flow so smoothly to the next line. Cleverly chosen words

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “This party’s simple… try to recognize… what is in your mind…”

    ~ Slippery People


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