Not A Feast Fan

Unlike most Americans, I don’t like Thanksgiving. I’m not talking about the traffic and travel hassles, though those are indeed irritating, but the feast itself. I personally see no reason to stuff myself with more food than I normally eat just because it’s the fourth Thursday in November. I mean, why? To celebrate what exactly? It’s nice having a 4-day weekend of course ~ I’ll celebrate that, if I don’t have to travel anywhere or overeat.

I also don’t like buffets and potlucks much for similar reasons. It’s really hard not to overeat, whatever your intentions. Part of that is because you don’t have standard servings of a couple things, but several tiny dollops, so it appears you’re taking only little bits of this and that, but you end up with more and more. Plus dishes at these events generally aren’t as tasty as a single item off the menu, so paradoxically you tend to try more of them, hoping in vain to be satisfied. (This can be a useful analogy for other things.)

Of course I understand my anti-feasting position sounds incredibly crabby, but it’s actually very logical. Many people have an emotional reaction to the mention of holidays because of family and traditions yada blah, but it’s really okay to question the things we’ve always done, and their specifics, and ask why we do them and if they are, in fact, a good thing. Well, I’ve always thought it was okay anyway. I have my own way of doing things.

I like to lead the examined life… I like to put the magnifying glass so close to the blade of grass I don’t even know wtf I’m looking at any longer.

14 responses to “Not A Feast Fan

  1. Hey Paula,

    I agree with you. In fact just this week my Dad admitted that he really doesn’t even like turkey, and then my brother chimed in and said he never really liked it either. And absolutely hates that over full feeling that takes weeks to overcome.

    A little background, since my Mother passed several years ago, I took on cooking at the holidays because my sister never enjoyed cooking and to be honest wasn’t very good at it. But she was a staunch Thanksgiving meal person that loved 🦃 and stuffing.

    But sadly, she passed away last year. And somehow me, my Dad and brother got around to being honest.

    The other issues are that my sister in law is a vegetarian and my niece is a very picky eater.

    So that is another issue these days. Everyone has their own food preferences or allergies or sensitivities or diets or …..

    Long story short, for me the holidays are about spending quality time with the people you love.
    And Thanksgiving for our family now is about being grateful that we still have each other.

    And I love to cook, so I am taking orders and preparing a menu that fits everyone’s unique pallet.

    I think you are absolutely correct, in that we need to be honest with ourselves and the special people in our lives because at the end of the day (I dislike that phrase LOL), life is too damn short.

    Paula, whatever you choose to do, I wish you warmth, love, and contentment because you get to say it like it is for you and do whatever the F you want!! 💗

    Best regards,

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    • That’s an awesome story! How wonderful you all communicated honestly with each other and will now have a holiday that really celebrates your unique wishes instead of the generic turkey. I actually dislike turkey too (shocker), but like some of the side dishes and of course pie. We’ll see what happens this year. 💕

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  2. Stuffing.

    I could eat that moist stuffing stuff 24/7/365.

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  3. *Love* the “it me” graphic. Too funny.

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  4. I’m like you when it comes to buffets. I can’t eat more than I usually do, anyway, so I don’t fill my plate fuller than usual. Norway’s let’s-overeat holiday is Christmas since we get at least two whole days off. And frozen pizza is becoming one of the commonest alternatives to the traditional Xmas meal here. 😀

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  5. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in New Zealand, after all it’s only a month to Christmas, we do celebrate that, a yearly family get together.

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  6. You may have a different view one of these Thanksgiving Holidays.

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  7. dangerouslybeautifulmoms

    I agree with you on the over eating piece, but our family adores this holiday, as food is central to the gathering together of friends and family anytime we’re together. There’s not much food we don’t like, but we’ve had ham and roast beef on the table, as well, depending on the number of guests for Thanksgiving. What we mostly love about this day is that it has zero gift giving notions around it. It’s simply about good people and good food.

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  8. I agree. I don’t go to buffets. Too much choice takes my appetite away. I just want to order and ejoy. I also overeat at them, trying to taste every thing, so I don’t feel deprived. My children will not take me to a buffet any more, they don’t get their money’s worth when I eat one plate and dessert.

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  9. I support your view! Everything in moderation!

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