I Wouldn’t Call It An Obsession, But…

…I like to read about the British Royal Family.

There, I said it. Whew! Confession is good for the soul. 😀

Whenever I see an article about a pretty frock Princess Whozis is wearing, I click on that. I want to read more. Is she wearing pantyhose like she’s supposed to? I need to know (if not, I hope the Queen won’t haz a mad). What about shooze? Do they match the dress perfectly or are they black or nude? I like to find out.

I read about the cute lovey nicknames the couples have for each otter, their adorable kids, that time they broke up (oh sads), etc. I smile to see pics of their shiny happiness. And I love all the bright colors the Queen wears. She rocks.

I especially like reading these tidbits now. They’re like M&Ms sprinkled in our shit salad of news… one dripping horror slice after another about the deranged narcissist POTUS, his spineless enablers, the rise of white supremacy, the constant random shootings, the nonstop domestic violence, the weekly overdoses/deaths of celebs, the never-ending wars, on and on.

Yeah. More fluff pieces on fancy hats, please and thank you.

8 responses to “I Wouldn’t Call It An Obsession, But…

  1. Hehe.. Gossips r loved by all

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  2. It is great reading about something that is pleasant and does not affect our country at all. And, unlike the gossip magazines with the new celebrities I don’t recognize from utube, tv, movies, and music that I am too old to know or care about, I have a basic knowledge of the royal family characters and the prime characters are all over 30.

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  3. I totally agree with this cool postie!

    In fact, I was just reading today about the darling, classy, most awesome Meghan and her superb sense of style. I absolutely adore her, and Kate too. And whenever I see them in the news all I can think is, what a refreshing, welcome change from the vulgar, omnipresent Kardashian/Jenner Horror Circus.

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  4. I do the same. Same spirit resides in us!

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  5. I like to read about Ruth Bader Ginsburg! She could kick ole Queenie’s butt.

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